Friday, March 30, 2012

The birthday girl!!

Cheyenne turned 3! She has been so excited for her birthday and it finally came! She woke up to presents and was so animated as she opened them. 
She got some learning puzzles (words and sequences), she got a hello kitty watch (the one things she asked for), and card from Trevin that he stayed up late to make so she didn't see it, and finally a card goo for one new birthday outfit. She decided she would rather have two new pairs of shoes instead.
 We went shoe shopping that day and got a gold pair of shoes and sandals. That night she got  to stay up late with the boys for an x box party. 
The next day was St. Patrick's day and her friend Libby's party. Where she got to meet PRINCESS BELLE!!! Chey was so excited!  She told her story and helped them make crowns and even painted their faces. 

Sunday was the party at Sugar and Chief's since Trav is in Arizona Chey is the only march birthday. I do the cakes for the party each month and let the kids decided what kind of cake they want. Chey informed me a few weeks ago that she wanted a princess cake and picked Belle. Chey was so excited as she watched her cake come together. I need to learn to be more patient and let the cakes cool completely before frosting them.
The finished product... Chey told me it was "Ohh, beaudiful!"
At her party! 
Blowing out the candles!
 YAY more presents. She couldn't believe that there were more presents for her. We got her a Rapunzel dress and a carriage for all the polly pocket princesses that she got for Christmas. Sugar and chief got her a scooter for her barbies and 10 barbies to go with it, plus extra barbie clothes!  Her cousins got her cute gold sandals and a KEN!!! Yay now she shas more "Boyfriends" for her barbies. She is in barbie heaven!
The next week we celebrated with the Crabtree's.
 Chey got a special necklace cake and you guessed it more PRESENTS!! She was so cute we ate cake then all the kids went to play. After about 30 minutes she walked over to grandma goo and asked, "Can I please open my presents now?" YES! She got a pool from grandma goo, a dry erase case for practicing writing from X&A. finger puppets from bubba and alex. And a cute red skirt and grey heart jacket from the Heslops. (And a SNOWMAN, 5 feet tall, that sings!)


Levi and Kelsey said...

That cake is so adorable and very impressive! You have got such a cute family!

Jessika and Chris said...

You have such a cute family! Good job on the cake that is awesome. Your new little one is just a doll! I miss seeing you at work, but am glad to see you so happy :)