Thursday, June 2, 2011


I officially have the most stubborn daughter. She has always had a mind of her own, but now I know that she will never be forced into anything! Just before she turned two she wanted to use the big potty. I was so excited. We got big girl undies and went to work potty training. She picked it up so fast, by day 3 she even took herself to the bathroom and was dry overnight! We were so excited until 3 weeks later when she decided it was all a hassle. She would hold in all the potty while we sat on the toilet and say she couldn't go. Then right when she got off she would potty in her pants. So it was back to diapers.
So 4 months later we decide to try again. and can you imagine what happened? A repeat of round one. But this time I didn't give in. I figured that if I toughed it out she would realize it was my way or the highway. I have washed countless numbers of underwear and skirts and leggings (lots of layers to avoid scrubbing the carpet). My worst nightmare came true last week. We were all going visiting teaching, we all went potty before we left... We got to the first house (our first time there) and Cheyenne decided that she was going to potty on the couch! I was mortified. I could apologize enough. You think that alone would be enough to break me, but I'm tough. Today was the kicker. We went to the store to buy more pull-ups (bedtime underwear). We got out to the car and I knew that we were going to be running lots of errands so I offered to let Chey wear a pair. She was so excited. I put Trevin in the car and turned around to get Chey and she said "I pottied in my pants, now I gunna wear a diaper!" Sure enough she was freshly wet and so proud of what she had done. I was done! She wins and is back in diapers. ERG! I think I let that girl potty train herself!