Friday, March 30, 2012

My littlest man.

Two months old and so much fun!
 Levi loves to smile any attention directed at him will result in a smile. I love it. He follows things with his eyes. He ooh's and gaa's and even laughs on occasion. His eye are definitely  going to be blue, so he fits right in. Trevin is the best helper still and Chey has become quite the little mom. They both still get annoyed if Levi is crying during their TV time. They yell " Mom, come get your baby! We can't hear anything!" But luckily they never wake up when he does at night. Then again Levi does a fantastic job of sleeping at night. He eats at 10pm falls asleep at 11pm. Wakes up for a quick bottle at 4:30am, another bottle at 6:45/7:00 am. Then finally wakes up for the day at around 9:00am.
 I've been trying to be better about getting myself in pictures. Most of the time I'm taking the pictures and thus, behind the camera. Trevin has started asking if he can take pictures so I let him and most of the time he gets us in the frame. So here I am with Levi on his 2 month birthday.  
 Levi is very different than T and Chey were as babies. He goes right to sleep in his bassinet as long as he has a binkie, any of them as long as it is the brown rubbery material. He doesn't seem to mind hats. HE loves to look only to the LEFT. Resulting in a flat spot on the back left side of his head. I noticed it about two weeks ago and have been working with him to turn his head to the right. So it's getting better, slowly.
 Levi loves to be in his bouncer or swing! He will lay in them for hours. As long as he can hear the kids or anybody actually. He just likes to know that he hasn't been forgotten. 
 I love Levi. I love dressing him up every day. I have to admit I'm a lot more confident about my sense of style with little boy clothes than little girl clothes. I love long sleeve button up shirts on Levi. So, not all of these pictures were taken on the same day, but Yes that is the same shirt in all of them! It goes back on him every time it gets washed. He just grew into the 3-6 month size! I love all the new options we have.  
 Our 2 month check up went great. I love our new pediatrician. We've struggled with finding someone we like. I loved our first doctor (Family practice), but didn't like the other docs in the clinic (1 insta care visit), the doc wasn't great with the kids. So we switched to a pediatrician and loved him... then he moved out of state. So I tried a new family practice doc, and wasn't impressed. So I picked a new pediatrician from the same clinic, we could only get into her because I was going to have a baby at the hospital she worked in. Well Levi was born, she didn't come to the hospital to eval him, the on call doc did. The day after discharge I had to take Levi in to the office (the docs requirement if I wanted to him to be discharged at 24 hrs old). We went and saw an awesome Dr that day. I loved her. I asked where she practiced and was bummed to find out it was in a clinic further north. Oh well. So I stuck with the one I picked Saw her for a couple of Levi's checks and I didn't like how formal she was. So I gave in and make the drive to the doc that I loved! It is totally worth it too!!!!  
Levi's stats: 
13.5 pounds (82%)
25 inches (96%)
head circ: 41 cm (68%)
 I think they measured his head wrong... my kids are notorious for their over sized heads. I guess we'll find out in a couple months at his next check.

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Evan and Kristina said...

If you don't mind me asking, who is your pediatrician? I have been wanting to go to another one.