Thursday, July 14, 2011

All in a matter of ten minutes.

So for the time being I can't find my camera. It went with us to Bear Lake and I know it made it home. I just can't seem to remember where I put it. But what I walked into today was definitely picture worthy and so I did what I could, sorry the pictures are blurry. 
Can you guess who these feet belong to???
 TREVIN! Can you guess who did this for him???
 Cheyenne! I must admit that I was relieved to find out that they did this with marker and not nail polish. Cheyenne had done her own and then offered to do Trevin's. Which he willingly agreed to. She even did his finger nails yellow. They were so excited to show me! 
 I know that some of you family members are thinking, Oh no! What happened when Gage found out? The answer... He hasn't! He is out with the young men camping. We'll see if I can get it off before he comes home. But I'm happy to report Trevin quickly reminded me shortly after that he was still ALL boy. I was cleaning up the markers and from downstairs I hear "That was so awesome!" and Trevin came upstairs to find me. He said "Mom, that was so awesome. I went potty NOT in the toilet" (he is zipping up his pants). I think he saw the shock on my face cause it took me a minute to get him to tell me where. He said "outside." Next I asked "How did you get outside?" He said "NO, I was inside only my potty went outside." Sure enough he showed me, he had stood at the back door and peed onto the stairs.  And he was so proud!!!  Gage is never gunna leave me alone with the two again!