Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We are currently 23 weeks along and feeling great. The baby is doing great and is getting bigger by the day and so am I... I'm in that stage that I look like I've put on some extra weight or I might be pregnant... So that creates alot of awkward conversations (but I enjoy not saying anything until the other person gets up the nerve to ask!).
The lastest stats are 1 lb. 3 oz. and about 10-11 inches long.
I had my targeted (4-D) ultrasound this morning... I was amazed the first time time I saw this kind of picture so I wanted to share them... This is our little GIRL!
She slept through the whole thing, even though the Tech tried really hard to wake her up.

Waving Hello to all her family and friends that she will meet in a few months.

Sleeping again!

We are way excited to be having a girl-It will be a big change! I'll have to figure out how to do the cutsie bows and dresses...Gage isn't sure that he will know how to treat a girl but I think he'll do just fine! Until Next time... Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Biker and Nuny

Grandpa had knee surgery so Trevin and I went down to help Grandma out around the house! It was a chore to get my car ready to go but Gage worked really hard and we made it, and the car runs great! Thanks, Babe! Trevin was a trooper for the long drive. I'm not sure how people make long trips alone with small kids on a regular basis, I would go nuts! Biker and Nuny were very accommodating, and each day their house was more baby proof than the day before. We had lots of fun, running errands and watching movies.

Trevin loved Bikers cane, he stole it every time grandpa set it down! We had to track it down every time grandpa wanted to get up...

Grandma played the "table drum" with Trevin and taught him how to make new sounds with his lips! We had a great time!


Trevin may not be old enough to truely enjoy Halloween... but I sure had fun dressing him up! Halloween was warm this year so we sat on the front porch to pass out candy.
Trevin gaurded the candy bowl and Gage kept a watchful eye on our new grass.

Maggie the Dragon (our neighbors dog) joined us for a little while, Trevin loved her. After the trick or treaters died down we joined the family at Jerry and Debbie's for the traditional Pizza and movie night.