Thursday, March 15, 2012


Janae spoiled Chey! For her birthday they went to the SPA! Janae took Brinlee, Raigen and Cheyenne. They loved it.  in the relaxation room before their treatment. 
Janae served them all lemon water. I never knew three little girls could be so quiet. 
 They even closed their eyes to relax, just like Janae showed them...well almost like Janae showed them.
 The massage therapist took them back to the treatment room when they each got a robe. Then she washed their feet and massaged them. Next was a hand massage.
 Cheyenne did great and was loving it. When they wanted to lay her down. She broke into tears. I felt so bad. She calmed down really easily. 
 She even decided it was okay to lay down as long as mom joined her. 
 They all loved the cucumbers. In fact I think this is what they were most looking forward to. 
At the end of their session they each got a bag of goodies and nail polish, Cheyenne got a special crown. 
Modeling in their robes in every room as we left. Aren't they so cute!

 Janae and the Girls! Thanks Janae they had an awesome time.

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