Tuesday, April 10, 2012


On April 6th Easter weekend. Kami and her family came up to see everyone. Trevin is always so excited to see Chase. They have so much fun together. The last time Chase was here we were supposed to have a sleep over but unfortunately Trevin got sick. So with everyone in good health this time we cashed in our rain check. This is what the boys woke up to the next morning!!! I could barely keep them contained long enough to eat breakfast and get some snow clothes on.
 Then they played until the sun came up and the snow was gone!
 The next day we had our Crabtree Easter party!!
Trevin's wearing his "riding gloves" He has decided that these have to be worn if he is going to ride his bike or play really hard. 
Chey thought it was so cool to open all of her eggs and find prizes inside. Money was her favorite thing to find. She found one that had an empty candy wrapper of coarse she knew just who to blame (Bubba!). 

The Easter bunny brought books and pillows to out house for the upcoming vacation we are taking! Don't worry he brought candy too. 
Later on Easter Sunday Trevin was drawing pictures on his drawing pad and decided to draw a  picture of the Godhead. Can you guess which one is the Holy Ghost?
The one that doesn't have a body of course!

Tuesday night we had the Canova Easter party. you'll never guess what sugar and Chief got for the grand kids....
DUCKS!!! I thought Gage was gunna flip. He had already made it widely known that if a duck came to live at our house it would be dead before the  next morning came. Imagine my relief to find out that the ducks would live at Sugar's.

Once a year Gage leaves town for a few days for a URG conference. While he was gone I finally caught Levi's smile on camera! yeah. Trevin and Chey were making all kids of funny faces (and noises that must accompany the faces). Levi obviously thought they were pretty silly. 
I kept myself busy that weekend by teaching a cake pop class. They turned out very yummy!

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David and Camillia said...

Levi is so cute and getting so big! You are such a cute mom. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun. :)