Tuesday, May 22, 2012

They grow so fast!

I can hardly keep up with these monthly pictures. I love having them, but them sneaking up on me every month makes me realize how fast time goes. I love seeing the changes that a month can make. 
Levi is a very happy baby. Content to hang out just about anywhere, whether held or not... as long as he can see and hear that people are around. If it gets quiet... Levi gets very fussy.  
 Levi baby talks a lot now. Trevin and Chey love to translate for me! I love to hear what they think he is saying. I still can't convince Levi to take his binkie (except at church, where it is a life saver) He would much rather suck on his fingers. That's right, not his thumb, HIS FINGERS! He does this all the time! 
He is by far my spittiest, drooliest baby. He can soak a bib with drool in less than an hour! Unfortunately that mean he ALWAYS has to have a bib on, so his clothes are hidden most of the time, unless I plan to take a picture.  This last picture is when Levi is 3 1/2 months, but catches his constant excited expression.  
Levi laughs all the time!! It is a deep throaty laugh that makes it sound like he is desperate for the tickling to stop! ...but of coarse it is so cute that we can't help but to keep tickling! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The summer has just begun!

Being a stay at home mom with our home preschool over we have had a little extra free time. So we've tried to be better about fixing Chey's long repunzel hair. Cheyenne decided that she loves to have her hair curled. I feel bad using curling irons/ straighteners on it every day. For a no heat method we bought foam curlers for her to wear to bed. 
She thought it was so fun! And it made her hair very curly!
And with the weather warming up we've been able to get out of the house. We made it to the Ren. Fair to watch Callie's horse vaulting team perform again this year. It is always amazing This year Calle was on the top of a trio! Before the show started this girl walked by with a boa of some sort and all the kids thought it was pretty cool. 
Even Cheyenne which totally surprised me! Tay Tay was totally in love. I think that she would have taken it home with her is she could have. 
After the performance the team offered "BIG pony rides."   Cheyenne LOVED this just as much as last year. She was willing to get off to let someone else have a turn, but wasn't very thrilled to find out she wouldn't get a 2nd turn. 
Trevin decided to try it this year, but was content to just ride and not try any tricks. They did get him to pull a superman arm pose at the end.  
At the end of the day the kids love to color. They are getting so good at staying in the lines. They like to work on these really big coloring pages together. 
I took them through an automatic car wash for the first time. Which they thought was awesome!
Our Favorite thing to do right now is BOWLING! The  "kids bowl free" program started and so far we've gone 4 times. Trevin bowled 5 strikes and a few spares so far and Chey has gotten 1 strike and many spares! She really knows how to aim the ramp to get the left over pins. 
We even bought shoes this year to save money (no renting at $3.25 per pair each time). Plus the kids think it's pretty coo that they have their own shoes. 
We grew Trevin's hair out for his annual mow hawk. We Raced for the cure on Saturday. (I guess I forgot to take pics.) 
This week started out stormy so to burn some energy we headed to Kangaroo zoo with cousins! It has a dozen or so Blow up bounce houses, slides, obstical coarses, etc.  The huge slide was the favorite. 
The kids played for 4 hours!!! It was so great. Here they are just before leaving I thought they were gunna fall asleep on the spot.