Thursday, April 30, 2009


On Monday Cheyenne started smiling. Not just random smiles but in response to someone talking to her or playing with her. It is way cute. I've spent all week trying to catch it on camera with out much luck. Every time I'd run for the camera, just to get back and find out she wouldn't smile again. Trevin, on the other hand, loved when the camera came out and was always willing to entertain. Here are a couple of this weeks pictures.

Finally this morning right after she ate I managed to catch a couple. Isn't she adorable! I love when her eye squinch up like that. She even let out a couple of "goo's"!

This last one is my favorite. She was just starting to relax and Trevin decided to come over and talk to her too. He started jabbering at her and she just lit up. It made my morning!
I can only wonder what he was trying to say to her, but I think she understood. The joys of being a MOM.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Date Night and Fish

About a month before I went on maternity leave I told Gage that while I wasn't working I wanted to try cooking some new dishes. I asked for suggestions. The only thing he wanted me to try was fish...ugh! I am not a fish person. So I've been off work now for about 5 weeks and I've tried quite a few things, but I finally decided to give in and go for fish.
Yesterday I bought all the fixings for TILAPIA, one of the less fishy tasting fish. Gage and I pulled into the garage at about the same time, unloaded the groceries, and left the kids asleep in the car. (Don't worry we left the door between the house and the garage open so we could keep an eye on them.) We enjoyed a Date Night preping and grilling Tilapia. We woke the kids up just in time to eat with us.
It was delicious, like I said I don't typically like fish, but this was great! I highly recommend that you try it. I posted the recipe on the side of my blog, It takes a while but is worth the wait.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Angel

We had Joni take Cheyenne's pictures when she was almost two weeks old. They turned out so great! I absolutely love them and I couldn't of asked for a better photographer. Here are a few shots that show off my little angel.

Pretty cute huh! Check out more of Joni's work at She is amazing!! Thanks Joni, I know it was probably hard since she refused to cooperate.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came

Happy Easter. Trevin was so much fun this year. He caught on to there being candy in the eggs and that he could shake the egg to find out if there was something inside. He was always excited when the egg would rattle. Then he'd pop the egg open and make a surprised face when he saw the candy. What a hoot!
He also discovered the joy of coloring Easter eggs, thanks grandma. :) He loved throwing the eggs into the coloring and using a spoon to fish them out. (He probably would have liked using his hands if I'd let him!) It really made my day. We ate lunch outside, barbecue (I love that the weather is getting warm enough to grill again)!
But the weather didn't cooperate, we ended up getting rained on. The party must go on... I helped Trevin hunt for eggs in the rain, while Gage represented the Crabtrees in the "grown-ups" hunt (there is a little bit of $ involved so the adults get to play). We all got wet, but we all had fun. Trevin and Dad going through their spoils inside and doing a little bit of trading!Easter egg Hunt #2... at the Canova house. By now Trevin had almost figured out how to hold the basket and pick up eggs. He still preferred to just open the eggs up as soon as he got them. Lucky for us the yard was packed with eggs and we ended up with plenty of candy.The grandkids with all their goodies on Sugar and Chief's front porch. Cheyenne was wonderful, she slept the whole time and she even ended up with a small basket! I love holidays... It is great to spend time with the family. "Thanks" to the Easter Bunny who took so much time to make this year memorable!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Little Helper

It's not new news that Trevin loves to help his Dad. He will do anything that Gage does, especially if it involves tools or being outside. T got a tool set for Christmas. Since then he gets very excited every time Dad pulls out any real tools and can't wait until he gets his turn, which Dad always lets him have.
Here are my boys putting together Cheyenne's crib.

Once it started getting warm outside, it was time to clean out the garage. We had used it like a wood shop through the cold months and it had saw dust everywhere. Trevin saw Gage sweeping and went and got his own "broom" so he could help.

The new news is that Trevin loves helping Mom... as long as it involves Cheyenne. He has finally decided she can stay. The first day we had her home I had just finished changing her diaper and he saw it. He got this excited look on his face, came and grabbed the dirty diaper and took it straight to the "Diaper Genie." He was so proud of himself.
He is so good about bringing you a burp rag when you ask, but his favorite thing is helping with bottles! He loves to feed the baby and does a pretty good job. (this is Trevin's new cheesy smile)
Then after all the hard work is done he loves to hang out with her. He will let her lay on his arm for a few minutes and then wants his freedom back. And this part of the day is MY favorite... When Trevin helps Cheyenne take a nap!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Cheyenne had her 2 week check and the Doc says everything looks great. She weighed in at 8lbs. 15 oz. She finally decided it was okay to eat just once every 2 hours instead of every twenty minutes. Which I definitely appreciate, especially at 3am. She really is a great baby and adorable. She has Dad wrapped around her finger already. (Trevin was sleeping in his own room by the time he was a week old- Cheyenne still falls a sleep with Dad in our bed and stays there for most of the night!)
As far as an update on Trevin... We finally had a few normal days and then he decided to break out in hives. I swear he has never been sick and in the last two weeks he has decided to test me. I was nervous, at first his face was just a little read then I noticed his eyes were swollen then the hives broke out... all in a matter of five minutes. Benedryl a couple times and Watching "Handy Manny" over and over seemed to take care of the problem. We never figured out what the hives were from. He didn't eat anything different, no new soaps or detergents, and he has never had a problem with the cold, he did have an insect bite on his leg - so who knows! This picture shows the worst of it on his arms, legs, and neck. His face was mostly better by the time we took pictures.