Monday, March 26, 2012


This is the catch all post so sorry if it seems random. St. Patrick's day was a hoot!  Dad forgot to wear green to bed and got pinched by Trevin and Cheyenne. He couldn't find a green shirt fast enough.
 The Leprachauns came to our house and caused all kinds of mischief. Then left ribbons all over our house. It took us a while to figure out that they were the color of the rainbow, but once we found out we decided to follow it to the end of teh rainbow. RED...ORANGE...
 and then we found their gold!!! in this case Twix bars which are just as good as gold in my book. 
 The Leprechauns also turned our milk green!  

We blessed Levi on March 4th. The blessing was beautiful and it was fun to have lots of our family here and we missed the ones that couldn't come. These picture are actually from two weeks after the blessing because Levi had the worst baby zits and I couldn't bring myself to take pictures.

The lunch was fantastic. Gage got to come for just a few minutes at the beginning then he headed back to the church for bishopric stuff, he just got called to be the 1st councilor. I'm thankful for his dedication to his calling even though I know it killed him to not be at home. 

Our cousin Rai Rai broke her arm AGAIN! She is 5 and this is the third time she has broken her arm, not always the same arm. I think the first tow breaks were on her left arm. 1st her forearm (falling off a bar stool). 2nd by her elbow I think her humerus ( falling while riding her scooter). This time she was playing on Sugar's trampoline. It was upside down. Her and Brinlee were doing tricks on the legs of the trampline like they do on the bars at the elementary school. This time she broke her right arm and she broke it good. A trip to the local ER, got her some morphine an a long drive to primary children's so she could have surgery done by a pediatric orthopedist. 3 pins later here she is! What a trooper. 
  Tomorrow after preschool she is gunna stay at my house so week can make her a "cute" sling before her family leaves on vacation at the end of this week. I'll add in a picture of the sling when we finish it. 

On a happier note this week my kids took a bath in the dark! I have a friend that did this with her kids a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait to try it out! Only problem is that it's hard to get a good picture. 
They loved it and played in the tub for a long time. They were excited to wear their swimming suits too. 
 Who knew that two dollars worth of glow sticks could provided so much entertainment. After they got ready for bed I hid the glow sticks under their pillows and pulled them out after I sang them each a good night song. You would have thought it was Christmas! I went in after they were both asleep to move the rings. I found them both tucked all the way under their covers and super sweaty, so maybe the bath wasn't as productive as I thought.

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