Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We've almost made it through a full year of preschool at our house. It has been so much fun!! There are 5 kids that attend. Trevin, Cheyenne, Raigen, Hallie and Liz. We meet twice a week and each week focus on a letter of the alphabet or a number. We have our routine down. First they each get to move a little person on our board that represents them. Then we sing a song. (tune of hello thumbkin)
"Hello friends, Hello friends
How are you? How are you?
We're glad you came to school today
We'll have fun and learn and play
Yes we will! Yes we will!"
We do a round for each child that is there and hold up their little magnetic person so they know whose turn it is. Next up check the weather. They love looking out the window to find out what the weather is like. Then the date. Everyone gets to put something on the board each day. 
Next we use a doodle pad to talk about the letter of the week. We draw the letter and talk about it's sound. Then we draw pictures of things that start with the letter of the week. Then we write random letters on the board to see if we can trick them into saying the wrong letters, but it never works, these kids are so smart.
After that the kids sit at the table to trace the capital and lowercase letter of the week. As soon as the finish their letters they get to color a picture of the letter. This picture was during T week. So they are coloring a tiger T, on a Table, on a Table cloth, while lying on their Tummies!
Levi loves to help me teach preschool. He make sure the kids don't get into any of the supplies before they are supposed to. I actually thought it would be hard to take care of him and teach preschool but he is an excellent little boy and loves to be around the kids.
After coloring is recess!!! after 15 minutes of running around outside it is snack time! Then we do a couple of activities that relate to the letter of the week. O week we learned about opposites. G week we learned about Germs. L week we went on a hunt for litter. This week was T week so we did Tanagrams. 
The last 10-15 minutes is for story time. Liz's mom is awesome and always reads for us!
On special occasions we have parties, really any reason we can find for having a party... but mostly holidays! This was our Dr. Seuss Party. 

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