Monday, February 22, 2010

A day in the life...

I love my life. I have an awesome husband and amazing kids. Cheyenne is finally mobile and does her best to keep up with Trevin. She just learned how to crawl up the stairs. She has even come down them a few times... unfortunately the hard way! Trevin loves Cheyenne and always encourages her to follow him. I hear "um on Cheyenne" all day long. They love playing together and actually get along pretty well. Trevin is introducing Cheyenne to the world of cars, tools and tractors. She has a baby doll but doesn't like to play with it. She would much rather sit and play with whatever Trevin playing with, AKA anything but the doll.
Cheyenne does love to go shopping. If she is sitting in a grocery cart or a stroller, she is happy. She loves any opportunity to get out of the house and explore the rest of the world. On the other hand Trevin is totally bored by shopping. This is usually what my cart looks like after a couple minutes in the grocery store...
Cheyenne thrilled about everything and Trevin DEAD ASLEEP! He usually stays that way until I wake him up to put him back in the truck.
Trevin and Cheyenne both love Daddy and get so excited to hear the garage door open, because they know that means Dad is home from work. Gage just introduced Trevin to burrito wraps and mummy tucks. Trevin loves to get burrito wrapped and thinks it is pretty fun to wrap Cheyenne, Dad and Mom up (whoever is a willing victim). I say victim because after you get someone in a tight burrito wrap the best thing to do is to tickle them.
Trevin asks for a "Bitto wrap" at least once a night!
There is one activity at our house that we try to keep an all boy activity, "DUKES!" I'm sure you can already guess what this is...boxing. Gage used to always tell Trevin to put his dukes up, which is why boxing is called Dukes at our house. It is pretty funny to watch. It usually starts right when Dad walks through the door. Trevin says "Dukes Up Dad" and the fight begins. They punch each other for a while then get really close and wrap their arms around each other to keep the other person from being able to punch them. The Trevin calls "break" and they both back up and get ready to go at it again. Trevin loves to yell "got you" or "I gettin you" if he thinks he is winning. Then when someone finally falls over they are "Fat." Trevin always leaves the "L" out of flat. I think they could play this game all night. It had to become an all boy game cause I caught Trevin playing dukes with Cheyenne one day, poor girl was totally helpless, and was definitely the one that ended up flat.
Trevin also loves to help keep dad in shape and always encourages weight lifting!I wonder why?

Valentines Weekend

We had a great Valentines day weekend. Not your typical date night celebration... we made the festivities last all weekend. We spent Saturday morning at Ogden's Winter Fest. Trevin fell asleep in the truck on the way there, then slept through the transfer to the stroller and even slept through the noise as the snowmobiles raced past us. We woke him up after a while and he loved watching the snowmobiles, almost as much as Cheyenne did. We also watched the Human Dog Sled races, which were pretty entertaining. Trevin loved seeing the cowboys and their horses. He kept yelling "A horse" and "Look Cowboy Hat." What a fun morning. Next up was a delicious Rib, mashed potato and home made rolls lunch. (OK not actually part of the Valentines Day Weekend) The Crabtree February birthday Party was Saturday afternoon, but let me tell you... It was so much better than anywhere we could have gone out to eat! YUM!
After the party we continued our date with a late showing of Avitar 3-D, this time with out kids. I loved the movie, and didn't mind at all that it was 3 hrs long. It was fun to have a night out with my valentine.
Sunday morning we got any early start (9 o'clock church) we got up and the kids got baths and we were running around like crazy trying to get out of the house. I was hurrying Trevin down the stairs to eat breakfast when I saw a very large bouquet of balloons on the table. Gage is so sweet and decided that since I didn't remember getting flowers last year he would make a bigger impression this year. I think they are pretty cool and something that I'm sure to remember.

I love you Gage!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Nate and Joni had their baby. McCord was born February 11th. He weighed 8 lbs. and was 20 inches long. He has bleach blond hair under his hat. He also has a dimple in one cheek, just like his dad.

We are so excited to have this little bruiser in our family! Maybe one day the boys will out number the girls... wishful thinking!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last Sunday when the family got together, we ended up having a Limbo competition. I have no idea how this started, but it was pretty fun/funny!We had a girls competition and a boys completion. Then a show down between the two champs.
First up the girls...Me. I won for the girls. All luck... I can guarantee it!Sierra showing off her skills... even in skinny jeans!Janae on her last turn up fell due to a sore hip. She definitely would have won if not for the faulty hip!
Next come the boys...Gage I think he did really great! But not the winner. Nate. The male champ. I was shocked, he can seriously limbo. He even gave me and Janae a run for our money!Chief wanted in on the action... then he cheated! We still love him. Trav working hard to beat Nate. Not gunna happen tonight though.
Trevin had been watching the game all night and decided it was his turn. Look at that form!
Trav decided he had a better chance of jumping over the bar then going under and so the boys competition changed. Nate was quickly eliminated in this contest. He broke the bar (notice the blue tap). Mike, jumping the bar at 41 inches high and clearing it easily.
Trav clearing the bar a little lower than Mike's. Mike won this completion with his 41 inch jump!
THE KICKER OF THE NIGHT! The pregnant Lady LIMBO! Joni takes the prize home for being a great sport and participating in the activites... only 4 days from delivery!

HIP HIP HURRAY for JONI! Be impressed... I was!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Kami had her baby, February 4th, 9 days past her due date! Kami is amazing. I think I would have seriously hurt my doctor if I had to wait that long. I have to give her credit though she is one tough chick! Shalon weighed 9lbs. 9oz.
Kami with her cute kids. Chase will be a great big brother!
Shalon, up close...Look at all that hair and cute chubby cheeks!
This is another picture that they emailed. I thought it was pretty cute. Chase all bundled up to play in the snow, that they don't get that often. Then there is Erwin still in shorts!

Congratulations! We can't wait to meet her.

A not so suprise shower & Nate's B-Day party

We have been planning a surprise BOY baby shower for Joni for a couple of weeks. So when her aunt decided to throw her a little get together we all came up with excuses of why we wouldn't be able to attend. To our surprise her aunt gracefully planned a new time for the shower so that the "Canovas" would be able to come. After a lot of debate we finally decided to just tell Joni that we were already doing a family shower for her... OH well, we still had a lot of fun. The baby shower cake (AKA: Nate's birthday cake).
Nate, Joni (McCord), and Kennedi posing next to the cake. What a good looking family. Nate and Joni came over to our house at about 6:00pm, really putting the pressure on me to get the cake done. But it was fun to get pictures of them before the house was full! The party started at 8:00pm. We wanted to make sure the boys got to get the full experience. We planned games and Cass made a pretty funny slide show of the do's and don'ts of parenting. Playing the candy bar game. Lindsay won, but it was funny to hear what other people came up with. Nate blowing out candles... with the help of a couple of nieces and a nephew. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE! We can't wait to meet your little man on the 11th!

Monday, February 8, 2010


I was so excited for the snow season this year. Last year I was pregnant with Cheyenne and not allowed to do a lot, like snowmobiling! Gage promised to take me this year and has definitely kept his word. We went snowmobiling for the first time a couple weeks ago and I forgot my camera. We had a blast even with the minimal snow. I couldn't wait to go again.I got my chance this past Saturday. Thanks to Sugar and Chersti for agreeing to very last minute baby sitting!
We left early on Saturday morning and headed up to Monte Cristo. We took one of Gage's friends and Cassidy (my little sister). She had never snowmobiling, 4 wheeling or anything so I was pretty excited to see what she thought. She rode with me for the first little while. I think she was pretty nervous at first but got used to the machine pretty quick. She rode with Gage too, when we had to go up the big hills, etc. I think she was more comfortable with his driving... After a couple hours we stopped for the traditional snowmobiling lunch- Granola bars and water! YUM! Then it was time for Gage to give Cass her first snowmobiling lesson. A couple times around the field with Gage riding passenger and then we set her loose!After her first run solo I think she felt pretty good about her skills and didn't hesitate when she got a chance to take the machine out by herself again. She looked like she was having a lot of fun. Which totally made the trip worth it for me. A couple pictures of Cass showing off her skills!Next up is Justin, Gage's friend. I haven't seen Justin for a while so it was a lot of fun to hang out again. I'm not the best photographer. I kept missing the shot, but here you can almost see the whole machine. Gage is such a sport to put up with digging my machine out when I get it stuck in the powder. I tried to give him a break this time and stuck to the trails for the most part this time. Here is my guy, Gage, getting to play. I usually don't end up with pictures of myself, because I'm behind the camera, but here's the proof I was there. I actually "got air" the last time we went snowmobiling. Totally accidental, but it is still my claim to fame this season. No such luck this time. I did do a couple of hill climbs again this time. LITTLE MONTE on of my favorite hills, I was terrified to do this the first time, but it was a lot of fun. Me and Gage raced last time and I never beat him up the hill, but I'm gunna blame the machine! Here are Gage and Justin racing up Little Monte. After a couple of runs up they stopped for a minute at the bottom... Just long enough to realize that one of the machines sounded funny/ wasn't revving high enough. I think this is how most of the outings end...Fixing something. Gage and Justin worked at it for a while. They tried a few different things and couldn't figure out why it was such a immediate switch. After about 20 minutes Justin realized the kill switch or emergency stop? cord wasn't in all the way! I thought it was pretty funny. I think Gage was just excited to not have to tow it in and then have to work on it when we got home. :)

Thanks Gage for setting up our fun outing. I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


With all the sickness we have been harboring at our house Gage and I decided it would be best to keep the kids home for a few days. Which was just fine when they were both acting sick...but once you hit the stage where they are feeling better, but probably still contagious, it is a pain. The first couple of days were fine, the kids actually acted sick so I spent the days cuddling/comforting them, I loved it. Then they started feeling better(which I also loved). But with the tail end of the sickness hanging around we couldn't really take them out in public in case they were still contagious. So we had to get creative... how to do you keep two very active little kids entertained inside for days at a time? We danced, played games, watched movies, did puzzles, played with toys (a lot). It was really cute to see some of the things Trevin decided to do....We were doing laundry (Trevin loves to empty the drier for me!) A few minutes later he brought one of the laundry baskets into the family room, so I asked if he wanted a ride. He told me "No, Cheyenne ride." Oh... so I put Chey in the basket and Trevin pushed her around the room. They both loved it, and played this game on and off all day!
We have gone a few walks, which the kids have absolutely loved and Mom too! It really didn't matter to them that it was freezing outside, they both love the stroller.
Bubble baths have been another favorite at the Crabtree house this week, every time either one of them gets really messy at meal time Trevin will suggest "a baff." I agree and he immediately adds on "bubbles."
Cheyenne has loved reading books, she is so content to sit with a book and work on learning to turn the pages.

Trevin's latest thing is to yell "Help Me" if he wants to get down from the table or off the toilet, if he has pretended to fall down, etc. So this morning I heard him yelling 'help me' and came upstairs to find him like this. He had found my bag of yarn and "tie up Trevin." When I walked into the room he told me "Help me. I stuck. " Doesn't he look so serious in this picture! He was very thankful to be freed.

Just a couple of the joys of being a Mom!