Thursday, December 31, 2009


Christmas morning started at about 8 o'clock. Trevin woke up and all we had to say to start the stampede was "Santa came." Trevin looked at us and said "Santa, presents, come on Dad" pulling Dad's hand and everyone was downstairs in seconds.
Cheyenne's stocking was stuffed full of candy, fruit, bubble bath, and small toys. Dad dumped it out and Trevin's eyes got huge. He knew exactly how to get everything out of his now. He was so excited for the cow in his stocking and the candy. We played with the stockings for a few minutes, I enjoyed the relaxed feeling of Christmas morning, while we ate muffins.
Then the presents were too much for Trevin to resist...
We let Trevin go first. Gage and I took turns taking pictures. Trevin made sure Cheyenne always had help opening presents. Gage is such a great Dad... he willingly put together every gift that needed assembly...Trevin was right there to help, handing dad the screwdriver and trying to put the pieces in by himself. It was fun to open an present then have the kids be so excited about it that they wanted to play with it right away. It spread out opening presents too, which I didn't mind at all. I thought it was great that it took us all morning to clear out the bottom of the tree.
As soon as Dad had it all put together Trevin was showing Cheyenne how to play with it.

After a few minutes he decided sharing isn't as fun playing by himself, so we distracted him with presents so Cheyenne had a chance to play. I was excited about this present Gage didn't know what it was so I let him and Trevin open it together...Trevin was so excited to pull it out of the box... when I asked him what it was he yelled "A BIKE!"It was the last present we opened, so Gage told Trevin "Lets go get pants on and eat breakfast so we can go ride it." Trevin was quick to tell Dad "No Breakfast, outside." So they hurried and got jeans, shoes and a coat, then they were off to the back yard for some bike riding!Trevin hasn't quite figured out the peddling yet, but give him a few weeks.

While Trevin and Dad were outside, I let Cheyenne ride her new bike too! We finally convinced Trevin to come in and eat breakfast. Then it was off to Sugar and Chief's.

Santa brought a Merry-Go-Round and other backyard toys for all the grand kids. They had so much fun. I'm sure Sugar will be thrilled when they all get moved outside and she can have her family room back. We spent a few hours there. Enjoying the company and opening presents. We had the traditional Treasure hunts one for Nate and one for our parents, which is always fun to watch.

Next it was off to Grandma and Papa's for more Christmas fun.

Grandma spent a lot of time making these cute hats for all the Grandkids. Trevin loves his. He wears it around the house all the time. Cheyenne hates hats, so she pulls hers off at the first opportunity. We had lots of fun, we opened presents, then played games and did a puzzle!

We had a great Christmas! I love this last picture but I wasn't sure where to put it. This is the morning after Christmas... Trevin got a RC HUMMER from the Hamblin family. He loved it even with out the battery in. Gage and I were so excited to show him how it worked. We let the battery charge over night and showed Trevin right after breakfast. His face lit up when I made it move. I must not have been doing right... He took the remote from me and said "Dad Drive!" and took it to Gage. I love all the excitement in Trevin's expression!


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