Thursday, December 31, 2009


Christmas Eve morning we woke up and decided that we were going to brave the mall so that our kids could sit on Santa's lap. Trevin is just catching on to who Santa is, we have been reading The Night Before Christmas and every time he sees Santa Trevin says "HO HO HO." I was so excited to take Trevin so he could see that Santa is a real person and get to talk to him. We got to the mall just after 10 am expecting to wait in a line... NO LINE we walked right up to Santa. Which is good and bad, we thought Trevin would get to see other kids do it first, and that we would have time to explain that he would sit on his knee, and Santa would ask if he had been good, etc. Nope, Trevin had no idea what he was doing and didn't say anything! He just kept looking at Gage, NO smiling, NO crying, just sat there! Cheyenne was pretty indiffernt too, so no screaming pictures with Santa for her, she is such a great baby! Sure enough after Trevin got off Santa's lap and was walking away. He got a big smile on his face and pointing said "Santa, HO HO HO!" We watched other kids sit on Santa's lap for a few minutes, then spent a little time window shopping.

We spent the rest of the morning relaxing and wrapping presents. Then it was off to the Traditional Crabtree Christmas Eve Party...
The night started out with a great dinner. Soups, bread sticks, veggie trays, and dessert. Then on to the activities. The grand kids are all getting old enough that this year they got to act out the Nativity seen. Trevin was Joseph and he did a great job. He had so much energy that day, but he sat next to Mary and Baby Jesus the whole time... he did take apart the manger a couple times.
Cheyenne was a wiseman. Here are a couple of pictures of the pre show. Savana is helping Cheyenne get her crown on. Sierra is the angel. Gage a shepherd. Aanika played Mary.
The performance... You can even see Alexa the lamb and Xander the donkey from this angle. A close up of Joseph and a wiseman!
The kids had a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun watching!
The Crabtree singing came next, Crabtree's aren't the best singers... I fit in perfectly. They have a Crabtree 12 days of Christmas that is so much fun to sing and gets modified at the singers discretion. It is really funny. I actually took video of this so that I could share it with you.. but it was so bad, I can't let it leak out to the public!

Next up... drum roll please... the COCONUT AWARD! For all of you that aren't familiar with this wonderful Crabtree Tradition, I will explain... The Crabtree Coconut Award is simply an award that goes to the person that did the dumbest/silliest thing that year. It all starts with nominations, I nominated Gage for Backing into 2 poles in parking lots this year, and getting his finger stuck in the sprinkling system; Bubba was nominated for breaking multiple bones and accidentally buying a beat up 1981 Chevy Truck from the auction while filling in for Gage (Colin was at the auction and thought who in the world would buy that thing, he later found out he was the winning bidder; Shad introduced his wife Hillary as Tiffany; Colin (bishop) fell asleep in a meeting; Mikie's home improvements caused apartment building evacuation; Sherry test messaging home phone numbers... doesn't understand why no one is responding; Miles thinks there's lots of first aid stations at Swiss Days; Roland sneaks cars to the back of the property... hoping no one(his wife) notices; Stacy forgets to put her car in park, while talking on the phone and goes inside, local preschool parent comes to tell Stacy her car, just rolled down the street and hit a car; Darrin broke the garbage can, the garbage man wouldn't dump it; Trevin blew raspberries on the Canova family dog; Chan went to church in her slip... twice; ETC. I didn't get them all.. you get the picture! Next comes time to vote. It was so hard this year. I couldn't even vote for the ones I nominated. After a few rounds of voting the winners are....
TREVIN for blowing Raspberries on the Canova's Beagle, RYAN for buying the old truck and breaking bones, and COLIN ( a special coconut from his councilors) for falling asleep in a meeting.
Next up coconut pie nominations... this year it was switched to coconut snowballs, instead of pies. This is a chance to brag about the members of your family, their accomplishments for the year, why you love them etc. These aren't voted on, but are picked by a random drawing. The winners are....Stacy, Hillary, Shad, McKenna, Savana, and Chan. There are a couple of extra people in the picture!Last everyone gets to give Grandma her presents! We love having Grandma at the party!

After the party ended we headed over to Sugar and Chief's to enjoy the atmosphere of the candle light dinner even though we were too stuffed to eat. I enjoyed getting to see Biker and Nuny, we don't see them that often since they live in St. George. It's great to have them here for the holidays. After an hour or so Trevin and Cheyenne were ready to go home and go to bed. Trevin was so cute. We would tell him he had to get in bed so Santa could bring him presents. He would get the biggest smile on his face and say "Santa, presents, sleep, OK mom." and then lay down and squinch his eyes closed.We finally all fell asleep and waited for Christmas to get here!

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