Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Last Saturday we had a SNOW DAY. We decide to go sledding. Trevin hadn't been before and I had been dying to take him. He loves to watch it snow and he loves to help shovel the drive way.. I knew he would love sledding.
I WAS RIGHT! After one time down the hill he couldn't wait to go again. This is at the top of the hill for the 2nd time. I had a hard time getting him to smile for me... He was saying "One, for the money...Two, for the show... "
It was so cute. Gage is such a great Dad. I don't know how many times he carried Trevin up that hill. Every time they got to the bottom and came to a stop I could hear Trevin say "Hurry Dad!" I had so much fun watching them. I even went down once with Trevin, but without snow pants on that was plenty for me.

Cheyenne had a lot of fun watching the boys too. She would giggle every time they went down. Pretty soon, Trevin and Gage's spot was overrun by the other little kids sledding. We got there and picked an empty trail.. The first time Trevin and Gage went down they didn't stop until they were in the middle of the field at the bottom, all the kids around us said "Woo", so we weren't to surprised when a line formed.

We picked another spot that was a little less steep and Gage let Cheyenne have a turn too.

I think this picture shows it all! She was so excited, I really thought she would get scared, but not a chance. I think we have a little Dare Devil on our hands!

Trevin was positive it was his turn next, the whole time Gage walked up the hill we heard, "Trevin turn!"One of the last times down the hill Gage just laid in the snow at the bottom, Trevin wanted to go again and worked so hard to get Gage up. Saying "Om on Dad!"

We had so much fun! We hope you've all had a chance to play in the snow too!

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