Thursday, January 7, 2010


I know it is hard to believe but all four Crabtree's were awake to see the ball drop! We hung out with friends for the first part of the evening, then we headed over to Sugar and Chief's house for the main event. We got there at 11:50 pm, just enough time for Cassidy to teach Trevin how to bang pots and pans. After trying out a couple different methods Trevin decide that bashing two pot lids together was the funnest/loudest option. I think he was a little bit surprised that we were encouraging all the noise making, but he got over it pretty quick... it's a good thing we didn't get over there any earlier, we may have all gone deaf!
We've taken a lot of pictures this year, but here it is the final picture of us in 2009! (remember I said we were awake... I never said we weren't tired!) Sugar, Chief and Cassidy... Getting ready for 2010! (They are obviously more accustomed to the late hours.)Trevin thought it was great that everyone went outside to yell and bang the pots and pans. I think he would have stayed outside banging those lids together all night if we had let him! Cheyenne was content with the softer sound of two metal spoons. She was so happy that night. A toast to kick off the NEW YEAR! Trevin and Cheyenne weren't so sure about the sparkling cider, but it's one of my favorites.
You can see in our toasting picture that Sugar is already in her apron, which leads in to the best part of the night... FIRST BREAKFAST! Every year on New Year's my parents host a breakfast, served from 12-2 am. All you can eat pancakes, sausage, and eggs. Delicious. We were first in line and enjoyed every bite. Then we headed downstairs to play the Wii. The crowd started to show up around 12:30am, when the party is over everywhere else that's when it starts at the Canova house. We skipped out on the "movies, til the sun comes up" portion of the night, we were all ready for bed, can you blame us, it's been a very full year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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