Thursday, December 17, 2009


About a month ago I decided to take up a new hobby. Something I have enjoyed in the past, but would like to try more... Cake Decorating. Gage bought me a bunch of cool cake decorating tools for my birthday, I was so excited! This past week I finally had a couple chances to try it all out.
So this first one is a cake that I saw a picture of probably a year ago and thought it would be so fun to make. Well I was finally involved with a baby shower and got to try it out.
I was doing great until I went to get the cake out of the bowls I had cooked them in and the first two didn't come out and the third wasn't cooked all the way through... but I managed to fix everything with good old frosting! The next task was the fondant... I absolutely hate the way it tastes, but I still wanted to try using it. More importantly there was no other way to make the cake I wanted to with out it. Here is the finished product...
I think it turned out pretty good. A couple more views...

I know this is far from professional, but it was fun to see every one's reaction at the baby shower.

Cake #2. Originally when I decided to try all this out I decide who better to be my guinea pigs than my family. We have a family birthday party once a month (unless no one has a birthday that month) and I volunteered to make the cake every month. This month was Me, Joni, Trevin and Raigen. Since I am making Trevin a baseball cake next week I decided to let Rai Rai pick the cake... She picked a PURPLE BARNEY CAKE. Her favorite color is purple and she loves Barney, why...because he is purple of course! So Here it is a purple barney cake!

Wow... using the decorating tips is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be... I need a lot of practice. Raigen loved her cake.. I know she isn't smiling in the picture but she was so excited when she saw it and thank goodness little kids don't care how it tasted... We used so much food coloring to get it the right shade of purple that the frosting tasted awful! Another thing to work on.

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