Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This past Saturday Gage took me out for an early birthday weekend. I had a blast. The day started out with a matinee showing of New Moon. I loved it. I had made Gage watch Twighlight with me on Friday night, and I'm so glad I did. I don't think I would have remembered everything, and I wouldn't have enjoyed New Moon as much. My favorite part... definitely the Wolves. I loved the graphics and when the changed from human to wolf. I've almost convinced Gage to read Eclipse with me, but we'll see.
Next, we headed back home to relieve Cassidy (our favorite baby sitter). Gage headed over to his Dad's to watch the UTAH/BYU game for an hour, while I got the kids ready for the rest of the night.
A trip to Olive Garden for an early dinner. I've learned the trick to get served quickly at a restaurant. Walk in just before the dinner rush is about to start, with two kids under the age of two! Wow we were in and out in 40 minutes... I'm sure that is some kind of record. The food was great as usual. I love their bread sticks and I can never decide on a dinner item, so I always have the "Tour of Italy" that way I get three options and I'm sure to have left overs!
From Olive Garden we headed to Temple Square, SLC to see the Christmas lights. I don't think I went and saw them last year, so this was one of my birthday requests. Parking the truck is a lot harder than parking the Rodeo ever was (still like the truck a hundred times more thou), don't worry we found a spot. Cheyenne was so excited to be out of the truck and in the stroller.
I really liked how the nativity scene was set up on the reflection pond this year. Maybe it has been that way in years past but it's the first time I've noticed. Trevin caught about 20 minutes after we got there and he would get really excited and point at the trees and say "Yaights!"But I think Trevin's favorite part was the nativity scene with the narrator, only the part when the spot light was on the sheep. I think he may have been louder than the narrator at that point. "A SHEEP, BAA BAA, A SHEEP!" It was so much fun to be out all night as a family! Thanks for setting everything up Gage and Thanks for all the birthday presents I can't wait to use them.

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David and Camillia said...

Its sounds like you had a very fun weekend! I hope you had a great birthday! Your family is so cute!