Sunday, December 27, 2009


Trevin's birthday started bright and early.. when he decided to wake up at 6:30! He usually sleeps until about 8:00. Since he was awake and Gage hadn't left for work yet we let him open one of his birthday presents. He was so excited as soon as he heard the word "present" he grabbed Gage's hand and pulled him down stairs to the Kitchen table. This paper is kind of thick but once he got one of the edges torn he was pretty quick.
He is so cute! As he opens his presents he says.. "Wow" and "No way!"
Showing his present off. He is telling his dad that it's a JEEP in this picture. He couldn't wait for Gage to get it out of the packaging. Trevin was pretty distracted by the JEEP. His breakfast was eatin while he played. Dad showed him how it could crawl up the centerpiece on the table and I had a hard time keeping Trevin in his chair after that! It is pretty cute though Trevin makes the car revving noises and everything! Trevin loved having lots of phone calls through out the day. He was excited to be allowed to have Mom's cell phone!
When Gage got home from work we had Crabtree soup for dinner... the one meal that Trevin always has 2nd's and 3rd's of. Next it was time to open the rest of his presents!
He had been waiting all day for this part! He didn't waste any time tearing into these presents! Can you guess what he got?
I really thought the skateboard would be the hit of the night... but Trevin definitely loves the cars. My two boys had so much fun playing with those cars! It turns out that the skateboard made a perfect ramp for the cars to jump off.... Don't worry though- Gage and Trevin went skateboarding the next day and Trevin loved it, now that he knows what it is. I think I'm gunna be in trouble this summer when he figures out how to push it himself!Later that evening Biker and Nuny (my Grandparents) came over to have cake and ice cream with us. Trevin had fun helping me decorate his baseball cake and was even more excited to blow out the candles!
A two year old update: While Trevin was one he had so much energy. Just in the last couple days it has tripled (at least) I can only imagine what 2 is gunna bring! He likes to run around the family room, while yelling "run aroun, run aroun." He loves to play with cars, puzzles, and Keys (he got his own set for his birthday), I think balls are still the favorite. He is getting better at sharing with Cheyenne. He is such a great big brother and always worries when she cries. He tells me " Mom, Cheyenne cryin... wha we gunna do?" with the most worried look on his face. He is getting so good at putting sentences together! And almost always remembers to say "Thank You." I'll admit that he is definitely a bully when it comes to other kids (I think I can blame Gage for rough housing with him all the time), but he always tells the other kids "sorry" after he pushes them over! That counts for something right! He almost knows all of his aunts uncles and cousins by name (sorry sierra- we'll work on you not being JJ!) Trevin is so good at saying prayers. He folds his arms and will tell you to if he catches your arms unfolded (which can be embarrassing at church- when your 2 year old is yelling at the person in the pew behind you to fold their arms in the middle of the prayer!). Trevin loves going to nursery and runs down the hall to get there. He is a handful but so much fun! He says the funniest things and is quite the mimicker. He tries to juggle, like Dad which is pretty cute. He even hums the juggling/circus song, while he throws the balls in the air! Needless to say we are so excited for 2 and all the fun it will bring with it!

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