Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The very first time I ate dinner at Gage's house (while we were dating) his family had "Crabtree Soup". I don't think his mom was too thrilled about having me at that meal, she kept saying "You don't have to eat it." She made me a grilled cheese sandwich, but I decided to try some soup anyway. It was disgusting! Home canned tomato juice, macaroni noodles, cheese and a little pepper. I finished what I served out, but definitely didn't go back for seconds.
Since we've been married Gage's oldest sister has been kind enough to can tomato juice for Gage and give it to him for his birthday, that way he can have Crabtree Soup all year long. This past year the 24 pints he got didn't stretch as far as we hoped, Gage had them rationed out and Trevin didn't fit into his plan. Trevin decided he likes Crabtree Soup, but Gage decided he wasn't going to share! So this year I asked Gage's sister to teach me how to can the juice so that We had plenty for both of my boys.

So we went over to Grandma's house. She watched the kids while we got to work canning. Wash the tomatoes, a throw them through the juicer. Trevin thought it was a lot of fun to sit on the counter and watch. I guess I must have been distracted by him 'cause I overflowed the catch bowl, not just a little- A LOT! It took most of the day to can them but it was all worth it when Gage came home... He was so excited!That night we had Crabtree soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. I even ate it... and you know what it wasn't as bad as I remembered! Trevin was excited to get some juice and not just noodles. Gage had two huge servings and was in a great mood all night!In all we canned 17 quarts and 18 pints, for a total of 26 quarts. That's more than double what Gage got last year so hopefully it will last and Gage will be willing to share!

Thanks to the Crabtree's for all the help!

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Cami said...

This is funny...

It's funny the things we love that we grow up on. Dave's fam has some pretty questionable recipes too.. Like Carrot cookies with Lemon Glaze (DISGUSTING!) You're a nice wife to can the goods for him!