Monday, August 24, 2009


Tonight Gage had a softball game and we (Me, Trevin, and Cheyenne) were all really excited to go watch and let me tell you Daddy didn't disappoint. We got there a little early so Gage could warm up since he hasn't played for a few years. Gage even got his lucky number 7. Then the game got started... Gage did good batting and was just getting into the swing in things in the field. Then the end of the third inning came around, players on 2nd and 1st. Batter hit to the outfield, Gage was playing 3rd base, waiting and ready to catch the ball when the outfielder started to throw to 1st, Gage looked to 1st to realize the ball didn't go that way, then looked back to see where his team mate had thrown it...just in time to catch the ball with his face! OUCH! He of coarse started gushing blood and was still sure he could stay in the game. We convinced him to take a break and when I saw it I immediately knew he needed stitches, convincing him was the hard part. Not really all it took was a look in the mirror and decide I was right. So we packed up the kids and headed to InstaCare. Of Coarse I didn't have my camera with me, but here is a picture from my phone... As Gage's lip continued to swell the two small splits on the right side got bigger and ended up being about the same size as the main split. An hour and fifteen minutes after this picture we finally got to see the doctor. A half hour and 7 STITCHES later (YEP, Gage is positive it's still his lucky number) we were out the door. Doesn't look too bad now. The jersey on the other hand- I guess this is Gage's way of making sure he gets to play next time and get his lucky number... Personalize it with your blood! Hopefully we'll make it through all 7 innings next week... I think that would be lucky!


Cami said...

Hey! I didn't know you had one either, it'll be fun to keep tabs. I think it's awesome you and Gage got married, he's a great guy (wouldn't expect less from you!:) You're little family is adorable! Thanks for saying HI. Tell your fam hi! :)

Joni said...

Quite the shocker when Nate told me you guys were in the emergency room last night!! Holy cow that's a big gash. And 7 stitches - I would definitely say it must be his lucky number! We're glad he's ok!