Thursday, August 13, 2009


Stake Lagoon day was last week and my Mom and Dad are awesome and invited all of us to join them. Gage wasn't able to come with us, so my dad (chief) took over and helped with the kids so I could go on some of the rides that Trevin wasn't big enough to go on. He pushed the stroller for me all night, what a good guy! Me and 3 of my 4 four sisters. do you see any resemblance?We had a lot of fun on the music express. Me and Cass convinced Janae that she should be the one to get squished! She said fine as long as she got to pick the car number (6)... I think we still got the better end of the deal. Next ride was the Carousel. We met up with Lindsay and Kyle and their four girls just before we got in line. It ended up that there was one adult for every child. Here we all our with a kid, waiting for our turn.
Brinlee and Raigen and Kyle, having fun riding the chicken!
Trevin wasn't so sure about it until the ride stopped then he wanted to go again, so we did!
Sugar and Cheyenne while me and Trevin rode the carousel a couple of times!
After a couple of rides we decided to watch the ROCK TO THE TOP show. Trevin was even interested in that, which really surprised me. Then it was off to the Tilt a whirl- I didn't think Trevin would be able to go but he could. We got spinning so fast and he just laughed and laughed. He absolutely loved it! ( Raigen was done after her first ride, she didn't like it much)
We went on that one a few times too, until the ride closed and it was time to go home. Lets just say that Trevin slept really well that night!

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