Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Family Getaway

A few weekends back we decided to get away from the cares of the world and spend a weekend at Bear Lake. It was a beautiful day Friday while we packed and waited for Gage to get off work. Our goal was to be out of the house by 5:00, a 5:10 we were pulling out of the drive way and on our way to Walmart to pick up snacks. I was amazed and thinking DANG, we're getting good. We might actually make it in time to eat dinner while it's still light! Then Gage pulled up to the front of the store to drop me off. I stepped out of the car to hear the noise... I sounded like my car was about to fall apart! So after a quick run to the store we went up to Gage's parents house to get a second opinion. The diagnosis... try putting in more oil to see if it helps. So we drove up to Checker Auto and added a couple quarts(we were low). Then drive back to the Crabtrees to reevaluate. We got back and there was an awful burning smell coming from my car, we popped the hood to find that the oil cap wasn't on at all and there was oil everywhere! That was the final straw-ISUZU should be a cuss word! Gage's dad was kind enough to give us his truck for the weekend, which was actually pretty fun (I think Gage wants a truck now). After unloading everything from my car into the truck, we were set and finally on our way a lot later than planned, 6: 50. So much for dinner, but the alternative was great, we ate at A&W in Logan. The kids did great on the ride up and even behaved while we unloaded the truck!
Saturday morning we woke up to rain, so we decided there was no reason to rush and we spent the morning hanging out in the trailer...
Breakfast, cold cereal and hot chocolate! Trevin loved watching Gage change the table to a bed and back to a table!
Next it was time to make the beds, a fun task with a toddler climbing on the bed! But he really was trying to help. And he is too cute to not let him. Cheyenne of coarse is always content to just lounge by herself. Especially if you give her a toy. Here she is just chillin'. Trevin just started to like coloring so I picked up a couple of coloring books and crayons for this trip. He loved to sit and color. We finally made it out of the trailer around 11:30 am. Trevin thought it was fun to run around in the wet grass, even though it was pretty cold. It didn't look like the sun was going to make an appearance any time soon, so plan B. We decided to head up to Minnitonka Cave. The only problem... so did everyone else.
Plan C, Bloomington Lake! The drive up the Canyon was really pretty and to make things better both of our kids were asleep! We got there and it was freezing.
We had a quick lunch, PB&J's in the back of the truck, and made Trevin a sandwich to eat once we hiked into the lake. (notice I'm wearing capris... I forgot to pack my jeans!)Trevin did so good on the hike. He walked with Gage almost the entire way, making sure to point out every rock he saw. He would stop and say " Rock" then count them "one, two, one, two" that's as far as he counts! When we finished the short hike we made our way over to the rope swing to watch the few people that were crazy enough to consider jumping into a cold lake while it was so cold outside.
It really is a beautiful lake and the water is so clear! People rope swing and cliff dive (on the far side of the lake). Trevin thought since I was squatting down he should too. Trevin started eating his sandwich but got distracted by a chipmunk. So Gage said " Trevin it looks like he wants your sandwich, you better hurry and eat it!" The result wasn't what he was expecting... Trevin took one big bite then threw his sandwich to the chipmunk! It was funny! Gage saved the sandwich and brushed off the dirt so Trevin could finish his lunch. Oh the things little kids do. We were just getting ready to head back to the truck when Gage finally gave in and decided, he was just as crazy as everyone else and he wanted to jump in. So he stripped down to his jeans and in he went... TWICE!
Don't get me wrong, it looked like a lot of fun, until you hit the freezing water and there was no sun to warm you up after you got out.
He said it really wasn't that cold, but he looks pretty cold to me!
Later that afternoon we had reservations at Pickleville Playhouse to see "The Hanging of El Bandito" It was hilarious and Cheyenne let me sit through most of it, which is amazing. It wasn't like any other play I've seen, there were a lot of good one-liners and lots of fun music. So if you get a chance to go, I recommend it!
Once the show was over we headed back to the trailer. Me and the kids made dinner while Gage mowed the lawn. After dinner we played a little then off to bed.
Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day... we got ourselves moving early and made it to 9:00 church. Trevin went to nursery without complaint and Cheyenne slept. My kids are so goo on vacation!
We ate lunch and packed everything up...Then we finally got to play outside for a while! Gage and Trevin rough housed, while Cheyenne and I enjoyed lounging in the sun.

I love the Lake, it is so pretty and relaxing! we had a great time, even if we did get off to a rough start.

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I love your new header thing. So cute. I'll have to make one some time :) I didn't know you went to bear lake again. looks like fun!