Sunday, August 23, 2009


A couple years ago for Christmas my parents got us a fire pit, we were so excited and couldn't wait to get into a house so we could start using it. Now that we are in our house and have most of the backyard finished we decided it was time to make our fire pit a home!

First we compacted the dirt, I say "we" but really Gage did most of the work while I watched the kids. Next we put down a layer of rocks.Then the truck load of sand went down, Trevin thought that was pretty cool!

It was finally time to start putting the pavers down. If you haven't used pavers before...they are heavy. We had to move them from the truck to the cement and then the cement to their final spots. And that was more than enough lifting for me. Trevin always loves to help!

Gage working on the last row! Yeah... I carried the pavers to Gage so he didn't have to get up and down, after all he was doing all the other work! All that was left was filing in the cracks with sand so they can't shift. Oh, cementing around the edges (that will come later).

But we love it and got to have family and friends over to enjoy it with us.

The Hamblin Gang come over and Casie and Bree. Trevin loved roasting marshmallows, even though he didn't like to eat them. Brinlee and Rai Rai loved when Gage put a bunch of paper in the fire to make it really big. We love it and hope we can start using it more!

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David and Camillia said...

Thats fun! Your backyard looks great! Hope all is going well with you guys! :)