Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Marriott

A couple of weeks ago my Mom's friend came down to Salt Lake for a business conference and stayed in the Marriott Down Town. Since she wasn't going to get in until after mid night she let us check in for her and hang out in the room and pool. It was a lot of fun especially since Trevin decided he likes the water again.

Trevin and Rai Rai hanging out in their floaties. Brinlee learned how to swim with a life jacket on and she had so much fun pulling Trevin around in the floaty (I wish I had gotten a picture!).

Cheyenne loved the water. She just kicked back in her floaty and enjoyed the sun.

Trevin was so interested in the cranes that kept passing over the pool from all the construction going on down town but I finally got a picture that he was almost looking at the camera!
Janae and Cass finally decided to get out and dry off on the beach chairs and all the kids decided they needed to too. I thought it was pretty funny!Back in the room watching Disney channel and eating snacks.
I think all of us enjoyed getting out of the house for the day! THANKS PATTY!

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