Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trees and a Truck

Last weekend J&J nursery had a great sale. We had been waiting to get trees and decided that now was the perfect time. So Saturday morning we got the kids up bright and early and headed out to the nursery. We had already gone to decide what kind of trees we wanted so all we had to do was pick the actual tree. We got there to find out the maple tree we wanted was 70% off, WHOO! The ash tree was about 30% off too. When we got them to the back yard they looked huge against the house. I never helped lift them but they sure looked heavy.
We started digging and relearned that we have awful dirt! By the time we dug 8 inches down it was hard clay! Hope fully the soil pep we put around the tree will help the tree survive. Gage again did most of the work while I hung out with the kids. He did a great job and we even got to sit in our shade after we were done! Some of you may know that a few weeks back my Rodeo (the family car) broke, AGAIN! That was the final straw for us (Gage especially) and we decided it was time for a new car. After weeks of looking we finally found on that fit our needs. A 2004 TOYOTA TUNDRA, we were excited about being able to put it to good use multiple times this week.
Thanks to both of our dads for always letting use borrow your trucks, hopefully we won't have to anymore!

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