Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BONK! and some more summer fun!

We've learned a lot of lessons this summer... Trevin is definitely a toddler and has the scraps and bruises to prove it, one night Gage and Trevin were outside playing and we quickly figured out that mosquitoes love Trevin....Look close right in the middle of his forehead he's got a nice big bite! We've been really good at putting on bug spray since that happened! This next pic is the same weekend, just when the bite was almost not noticeable. Trevin feel off a chair in sacrament meeting and landed on the chair in front of him.BONK! The picture doesn't do it justice... He had the BIGGEST goose egg! That bruise is still there and it's been a couple of weeks, now we try to make it to church early enough to get the soft seats.
The water park/ splash park has been fun this summer. Trevin hated it at first but is getting better the more we go. Raigen tried really hard to get Trevin to come play with her but Trevin had his own plans.SPARKLERS! Trevin loves them! Every time one went out he would say "More More" and run over and pick up the lighter. I tell you kids are so smart. It was fun to watch him get excited when it finally started sparkling. (I'm not sure if you just can't see the sparkle because of the flash, or maybe it had just ended?)Parades... We were at Bear Lake on the 4th so the only parade we went to this year was Clinton City's. It was fun there are always a lot of fire trucks and you usually get to see at least one person you know in the parade. Trevin was big enough to go out and catch candy this year. It didn't turn out exactly like I'd expected. You see earlier this year we taught Trevin how to stomp on the "snappers" to make them pop. So when the candy was thrown Gage would tell Trevin to go get it and Trevin would run over and stomp on it!Movies in the park. This is one of my favorite things that we've done this summer. We watched "Madagascar" at the Clinton City Park for heritage days. Then we went to see "The Tale of Despero" at the Ogden Ampitheater, free movie every Monday. We had so much fun and Trevin thought it was great to watch a movie outside. We also made a trip to the Drive-In. Chief let us borrow his truck and we put a blow up mattress in the back. I thought Trevin would fall asleep by the end of the first movie, but he proved me wrong by staying up for the entire 2nd movie (1:00 am). I was making a DI run one morning so I stopped by Lindsay's house to see if she needed anything taken. She didn't but we decided to take Brinlee with us for the day. We went in to look at their backyard toys and I told Brinlee she could pick out a few books. When we got inside Brinlee picked out her books then it was off to the toys. I noticed the Bikes were all 50% off and I saw this Disney Princesses bike. So I told Brinlee she could pick her books or a bike. She was pretty excited. We brought it back to my house and pumped up the tires and put some white nail polish on to cover up a couple small scratches. Brinlee was very careful to keep it a secret every time she talked to her mom on the phone. I'm not sure what Lindsay thought about Brinlee bringing home a bike but we sure had fun!

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