Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This year our girl's night out was actually a girls night in! Everyone came to my house for a night crafts. We had big plans... Aprons, watches, magnets, and chore boards. Everyone came over Friday whenever they got off work. At the last minute we decided we would make aprons for all the little girls. Lindsay, Joni and I got started on that first since the little girls weren't going to stay all night. Here are our little models. Raigen, Brinlee and Kennedi showing off their new aprons!While we were busy sewing Cassidy and Kristine were hard at work making Macaroni and cheese (a Girl's Night Out Tradition) for dinner. It was delicious and I'm sure very fattening!

Next we decided to give our sewing machines a break and bring out the beads. We had ordered watch faces on-line and gone shopping for beads. So we all got to work designing our beaded watch bands.

We kept at it for a couple hours, Sierra strung and unstrung her band at least three times (until she finally decided it was cute), Joni ended up with a string that was just short enough to be a pain to tie, Brinlee made Taylor a baby bracelet, Lindsay was just about finished when she realized she was a bead short, and Cassidy was definitely the pro.

There were definitely times of frustration but we all kept smiling and loved the end result. Brinlee's and Kennedi's were my favorite because you just don't see miniature beaded watches that often!
Next the sewing machine's came back out. My mom got all the girl's sewing machines for Christmas this year so it worked out great, everyone brought their own machines and we could all sew at the same time. I helped Cassidy sew her apron since she was the only one that had never even taken the TLC sewing class that you take in 7th grade, but in all reality she didn't really need help, so I just gave instructions. Lindsay was kind enough to let me borrow her sewing machine to be in a picture! The aprons we sewed were reversible, so it was like sewing two apron's, and it took us a while. We spent hours listening to the new Hannah Montana CD while sewing and ironing a sewing some more, but again it was worth it and we had a lot of fun.

We were all ready for bed by the time we finished and did a quick clean up but everyone willingly put on their aprons and posed for a picture!Maybe we'll get together another night for the chore boards and magnets. Because our next project was definitely a good night's (morning's) SLEEP!

If you are wondering what happened to the boys that live at my house. They roughed it in the great outdoors! OK it was the back yard, but I think they had fun!

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Angie and J.D. said...

k, can I be adopted into your family? You do the funnest stuff! I'm taking notes! I totally want to do all these crafts and the little "spy training" with my neices and nephews!