Monday, July 30, 2012

Girl's night out.

Wow we really forgot to take pictures this year. I'll have to take a couple of the crafts we did and add them.  Sierra made a deliciously yummy, creamy homemade mac and cheese. It was fantastic. So fantastic in fact that we made a trip to the store so we could make another batch! Nikcole made rice krispie treats. After all it isn't girls night out without those.  
For our crafts we made towels to hand on the stove. They turned out so stinkin' cute. I love that they will stay on the stove now and not walk off with my children. 
After towels Cass and I made super hero masks. Actually cass did all the hard work of cutting them out and I just sewed them together. Trevin and Cheyenne love them.

The little girls all dressed up in Sugar's slips and Lindsay put curlers in all of their hair. 
We even made friendship anklets out of sinew. That we burnt together, the girls started calling them our fire bracelets  They were all pretty scared but had fun encouraging each our to be tough. 
The next morning we painted toe nails Cheyenne did mine... 
  She was very careful and made sure she didn't miss any spots.  
 They turned out awesome!

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