Friday, July 6, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

We look forward to the big Bear Lake trip every year. This year we were in charge of the theme day (along with Alex and Bubba), so we were especially excited! We finished packing and woke up Thursday morning ready to go. Unfortunately Levi really is a Crabtree and decided to start coughing Wednesday night. (One of us always get sick when there is a family party.)  I decided to wait for a few hours and see if his cough was getting worse. It actually seemed to get better so we headed up to the lake. 
We had so much fun with cousins and Levi was doing great. Until about 6:00 pm. The coughing started again. He wouldn't drink a bottle. He couldn't sleep. We made it through the night with very little sleep and lots of wheezing and coughing. I called in to our pediatrician, when I mentioned I thought it was croup they got us any appointment for that afternoon. Trevin and Chey stayed at Bear Lake and had a great time on the boat with Grandma and Papa and the Heslops. I can't thank them enough from saving my kids from a 4 hour drive. 
Levi and I made the drive and he coughed/barked all the whole way. When we got to the Dr's office. not a single cough...erg. Why do kids do that? Anyway. I told them his symptoms while he smiled and never fused.   Luckily the believed me and gave us the steroid that would help open things up. and make life more pleasant for my little guy. 

 On the upside. Since I headed back to our part of the world I was able to pick Gage up and bring him up a day earlier than expected. YAY! Levi did much better that night. (I still slept on the floor next to his pack n' play so I could hear him breath.)
Saturday with theme day. We decide to do the armed forces/boot camp theme. Trevin was in heaven wearing his camo all day. (This is his new chair..."Just like Chief's!")

 Levi loved the pinwheels that his cousins set out. He was feeling a ton better Saturday... Yay for modern medicine.  

 After breakfast Papa kicked off the day with a little friendly competition.... GO KARTS! It was just that, competition. It was so much fun. The kids joined in on the fun too. Cheyenne was with me and Trevin rode with Gage for the first round. It was so fun to see how excited they were about driving. When I put my hands on the wheel Chey would say "Don't worry mom. I got you!"  Chey was so excited when we passed Papa and even more excited when he passed us. 

 You can imagine that Gage and Trevin were very competitive. Trevin picked the #4 car and it was way fast. They had running everyone else into the barriers. I heard that Aanika was the hardest to pass, as a result she ended up backwards on track.  I wish I could've seen that one. After two rounds it was time to bring in the litttle kids and let the adults have at it. Gage won but barely... Darrin really gave him a run for his money. THANKS PAPA IT WAS GREAT!  

Back at the trailor we got the rest of boot camp underway. We had paper airplane contests for our Air Force training. Human battleship for the Navy. Marshmallow target practice for Army. And life size Angry Birds for the Marines.  We all had fun and at the end we passed out dog tags. 

Trevin in his army gear. (Gun provided by aunt ChaCha.)

After all that army training Trevin need to go on a secret mission to kill the bad guys. Gage went too. 

The girls with a little help from their cousins found a secret passageway, which got used often after discovery.  Look at those cute camo skirts that Chersti made from old army jackets. 

Every year we go up and give the kids the task of catching a lizard... Well this was the year! (With a little a lot of help from Chersti.) All the kids took turns holding it. 

The kids all decked out in their camouflage. 

The group shot. I'm gunna have to get another picture, this one is missing grandma. 

 It was a fun day and nearing the end some of us were wiped out from all the secret missions we went on...

Others still had plenty of energy to be mischevious... 

 Some came home with battle wounds... (ok it's a mosquito bite.) 

Sunday started with church, next up was family pictures, then lunch. After lunch we all hung out for a while waiting for the Bear Lake wind to pick up and when it finally did... We flew kites!! 

 Which turned out to be an Adventure. Our Cousin X ran out of string and we all thought his kite was lost forever. Then the string got caught in a tree and the kite ended up flying itself for a few hours! We all kept watching and waiting for it to fall. Sometimes it dove really far down and then surprise it came back up. The kite was recovered the later that night. 

 Monday we went to the beach. We got an awesome spot. We had fun playing in the sand and in the water. Trevin finally learned to trust his life jacket. He has always worried and would death grip your neck in the pool if he couldn't touch. All it took for him to change his mind was being in the middle of the lake! who knew. He now LOVES swimming with his life jacket. 

  Levi hung out on the beach. What a cute kid!

 The Banana. This is the first time I've ever been on a ride on the banana. I'm not sure it actually counts since they were taking it easy for the kids. But Trevin and Cheyenne loved it! We had Gage "accidentally" fall off to help the kids realize that the boat will come get you if you fall off.  Then in the process of turning around to get Gage we started to tip. Even my counter weight wasn't helping so I bailed and without my weight the banana righted itself. As you can guess Trevin and Cheyenne were pretty proud that mom and dad both fell off and they stayed on. 

We stayed until Wednesday afternoon (swimming, Bloomington lake, more swimming) and as always it was sad to come home. We love the lake and hope to make it up a few more times before fall. 

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