Monday, August 6, 2012

Just another week in paradise.

This is not a typical Sunday at our house. With Gage in the Bishopric he isn't home much on Sunday. when he gets home we usually head out to see grandparents. He got home on Sunday afternoon and decided to lay down. Cheyenne decided she wanted to lay down with him and before I knew it this is what had happened. I was upstairs cleaning up lunch or else I would have joined them.  
  That night Trevin ended up with a fever. :(  So we quarentined him to his room Monday and Tuesday. He got to have the portabel DVD player in his room and Chey was pretty jealous. He called me up, " Mom come see what I did!" this is what I found when I got there. He had sorted ALL of his cars, by color!
 What an awesome kid. He was so proud of himself and I was proud of him too!
One of the time's I went to check on him, his fever was up.  I asked him if hr would you like a cold rag for his head, he said No. I responded with, "I'll get you a Lighting McQueen one."  He was shocked. "Do we really have one of those!" So I got it and he laid down with it on his forehead. As I walked out he said in his little sick voice, "Thanks Mom, this is awesome." 
 By Wednesday he was feeling better, but we still stayed home. Thursday we ventured out of the house and met Gage for lunch. On the way home we were gunna run some errands. Cheyenne cut those plans out by throwing up all over the car. Bummer. The thought of staying in her room all day watching movies didn't sound near as fun when it was her turn. She did do a lot of coloring! And by Friday afternoon, it was hard to keep her away from her brothers. I was so excited to finally have all the kids feeling better!

Friday night we usually start yard work so it doesn't take as long on Saturday. We have waited for years to have our yard all put together. And it finally is (mostly). And this year ... drum roll... our grass is GREEN! Thanks to all of Gage's hard work. It looks so healthy and it grows so fast ! We finally set the lawn mower higher and it still takes forever to mow. Gage mows and then rakes all the grass. I'm always surprised at how much grass we end up with. It definitely doesn't fit in the garbage can or in the garden.
 Saturday Morning I couldn't wait to get out of the house, even if it was just to buy corn. All week I wanted to can corn and I finally managed to fit it in. :)  Now we'll have yummy corn all year long!
 Levi was a champ all week. He really didn't get very much attention with the older two being sick. However, he did get to try some new foods. He loves to eat real food. Bananas are his favorite, with applesauce close behind. Corn is pretty and the green beans are tolerable.
Not a truly typical week at our house, but even with the hiccups it was a great one. Weeks like this help me to remember to be grateful. I live a charmed life. I have a wonderful husband and three amazing kids. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways!

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