Saturday, July 14, 2012


First off... I stole all of the wedding photos from my cousin, a budding photographer. All credit goes to her, check out more of her stuff at

 Cheyenne woke up early and came into the bathroom while I was getting ready. She asked, "Mom is it morning." I told her it was and she responded with "Yay. It's Janae's wedding day." We have all been looking forward to this day. Cheyenne even helped set up the reception. With a quick break in the middle for a free slurpee.

While Trevin was out eatin his very first Sushi with Nate. Nate came over to help load furniture for the reception and when he said hi to Trevin Trevin responded with "Hi, My name is Trevin and this is my sister Cheyenne." I guess we need to skype more often so he recognizes his uncle. 

 It was a gorgeous day. Forget the fact that it was over a hundred degrees and it really was perfect. Don't worry I packed water bottles and a cloth diapper that ended up being used to blot faces instead of being used to catch spit up from Levi. It really was hot. We were the only wedding party that morning at the bountiful temple with meant we weren't rushed at all. It was fantastic. Janae and James looked awesome. 

 Trevin was excited when they made thier appearance he told me, "James, that boy that loves Janae. He's my uncle now." 

  Travis and Nikcole helped keep the kids entertained. It was so great to have all of the family in town.  

 Trevin and uncle Dave. Knuckles... then make it explode.

 An almost group shot of all the grandkids. I don't think Trevin and Chey are quite ready to hold Levi. 

 My grandma and Grandpa. (aka Biker and Nuny) 

The boys. Janae looks a little worried that they might drop her.

 It really was so great to have Nate a Trav here at the same time. I miss having them around.  

 I can't wait to see the photographers picture of all these neices and nephews with the bride and groom. Look how cute Levi is. 

While taking pictures at the temple Janae had a butterfly land on her. Everyone there said it just stuck around. They got a bunch of cool video of it. Here is a still shot from the video. Pretty cool huh?

I really love this picture. It might end up being our Christmas card this year. 

Congrats to the Bride and groom.

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