Sunday, July 15, 2012

Odds n Ends

Trav's girlfriend, Nikcole, has a mini cooper...The kids all love it. Maybe it's because it small or maybe it's because they know how cool Nikcole is. Either way they are so fascinated with it.

 I talked Gage into joining us for free doughnuts at Krispie Kreme's on National Doughnut Day. They were way delicious. The kids were way excited... What child/adult doesn't love doughnuts!

 We went boating. Yes: I wake boarded. No: I didn't get any air... I am content to stay inside the wake. 

Trevin got a ride on Darrin's motorcycle and now wants to ride a motorcycle when he is grown up.

Cheyenne got a ride too, she can't wait until Trevin gets his motorcycle. 

 We were home for the 4th of July. This hasn't happened in, I think, 5 yrs. We are always at Bear lake and unfortunately they don't do fireworks. I was pretty excited. The show got off to a rough start (a 25min pause). But turned out to be pretty good.   

 Levi did great, you always worry about a baby's first time at fireworks. But he jumped at the band of the first few and then just settled back into Gage's lap. He really is a great baby. 

A family friend, Trp. Aaron Beesley died during a rescue mission. We had the opportunity to take the kids out and watch the procession. I am always amazed at the and the community support that is shown when an officer dies. I loved getting to show my kids the flags and firetruck that carried the casket and talked to them about Aaron. I am so grateful for the men and women that put their lives on the line for my safety. I hope that appreciation is something I can help my kids to feel and express.  

On a lighter note... if you are going to make an awesome bubble bath. Don't forget that you turned on the bath tub. Thank goodness for those overflow drains. They were invented for people like me!

 City days!! We had a great time at the parade and enjoyed walking through the booths. The favorite booth... PRINCESSES!!! Cheyenne and A were in heaven and didn't want to leave anytime soon. 
Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White...
 And Repunzel...
 We were supposed to go back to the park for fireworks but Gage, Levi and Cheyenne all feel asleep. So instead Trevin and I climbed up onto the roof and watched. He thought that was pretty cool.

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