Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The ducks

For Easter at my mom's the Easter Bunny brought ducks. Yes live ducks. Luckily these ducks would live at Sugar and chief's house so all the grandkids could watch them grow. Look how cute they are... 
Meet omelet and Twinkie. 
 After a few weeks of having the ducks. My mom got her grass sprayed for weeds. She diligently kept the dogs and ducks off the lawn for the allotted 24hrs, per instruction. Unfortunately once back on the lawn the ducks decided to eat the grass and their prognosis was poor.
So meet their replacements... 
Channing and Tatum. 
The kids love to watch the ducks swim in the pool and love to try to catch Channing and Tatum.  Twinkie and Omelet both survived. Both are bow legged and pigeon toed. Which results in a hard time walking. (And means they are really easy to catch!) They both tend to walk in circles to the left. 
Omelet Recovered (mostly) from the grass incident. Twinkie wasn't so lucky. She mostly liked to lay in the grass. It was pretty cute to watch the two little ducks follow omelet around the yard. 
 Full grown duck now. Omelet is getting pretty fast again and it takes the kids a while to chase her down. Twinkie died a couple of days after this picture. We're sure she is super fast again in heaven.  
 The ducks are all grown now and have taken up a new residence at the local pond. Where we see them often...but don't try to catch them anymore. :)

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