Monday, February 20, 2012

How is that possible?

 I can't believe it's already been a month! I was taking to Gage yesterday and he said. "Each day seems so long, but the months fly by." I couldn't agree more and at the same time how is that possible?
 They say the switch from two children to three is the hardest... I'll let you know if I agree when I have four. For us the switch to three has been an adjustment. So far everything is different. Adding Levi, it now takes us twice as long to get out of the car and three times as long to get in. Laundry has doubled. There is never time to keep up on the tornado of toys and there is never enough room in the grocery basket. 
 Poor Chey I think gets the worst end of that last one. But she likes to "organize" the groceries so I don't think she minds. Trevin still falls asleep every time we go grocery shopping, so that's why he isn't walking. 

Levi really is a good baby. He loves to sleep as long as he has someone next to him. His favorite is Dad! Levi can be really fussy and calms right down with Gage. It is great and kind of annoying at the same time. I can rock him, bounce him, cuddle him, walk with him, feed him and nothing helps. Give him to Gage and he falls right to sleep. In fact after about 5 minutes Gage is usually out too. 

I was gone one night and this is how I found my family when I came home. All chilling in the PJs watching TV.  Chey was being a great little babysitter and had Levi fast asleep on her lap. He loves to lay on the kid's laps!
We love Levi and it's hard to remember what things were like without him around. 

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