Friday, February 10, 2012

Flying SOLO

With Gage serving on the high council, he attends a different meeting house for church than the kids and me. It was hard to get used to flying solo at church, but got even harder when we switched to meeting at 9 am. (Gage is at meetings that usually start at7am). We all like to sleep in until about 8:30 at our house, so adjusting to waking up earlier to make sure we all get to church on time is just that an adjustment. We were all settling into a routine when we brought home baby Levi. Which meant making more adjustments and way more planning! The first week at church with me and all three kids was an interesting one. We made it on time, but Chey's hair was left lacking and our house looked like a tornado had hit it. So this past week I tried to be better and plan ahead. I braided Chey's hair Saturday night.
Sunday morning came and all we had to do was unbraid it. Which Cheyenne is much more open to than having to sit still to have it curled or whatever else in the early hours of the morning.
Add a clippie and WAALAA!  A hair do that looks like we spent a lot of time... we fooled everyone. And even made it to church on time again!
We have lots of help at church, one of my young women join our family for sacrament meeting, which was a huge help this week when Chey decided she had to go potty right in the middle of the meeting. Then the kids head off to primary and nursery. I head to sunday school and for the past 2 weeks someone has offered to hold Levi for me, which leaves me childless for Young Womens. So don't feel bad for me flying solo at church, because in reality getting TO the church is the hard part, life is much easier once we walk through the doors.

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Love Bug said...

Cheyennes hair is so cute! Nice strategy!