Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hey good lookin'

Levi's first time going to church, aren't they a good looking group? 
Trevin loved getting to pick out Levi's tie. Gage didn't really get to come to church with us, but he was sweet  enough to help us get settled into our seats in sacrament meeting before he left to attend the 7th ward. 
 Levi is 9 days old in this picture. He stayed in his car seat covered for most of the time. I think people were a little shocked to see us at church.  I love going to church. I was feeling great, Levi was healthy, so we decided to go. Besides that Trevin and Chey would have been really disappointed if they had to miss primary and nursery.
My Princess Cheyenne, This is her favorite dress right now. The princess dress that Sugar gave her. I'm not sure what we are going to do when she grows out of it. 
One of these days I'm going to scan all the pictures that this little artist draws so you can see how creative she is. Her favorite activity to keep her occupied during sacrament meeting is to draw pictures. 

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