Monday, February 27, 2012

Chicken artichoke penne

Now that I am officially a stay at home mom I decided to improve my skills. Specifically cooking. I can cook plenty of things... I've come along way in the last 5 years. But I know there are plenty of things that I've never tried. So first on the list....Artichokes! I know people love them, I've never even tried let alone cooked one. Now I can say that I have. This was our Chicken Artichoke Penne and It was delicious!!!! Artichoke hearts are really really yummy. 
 This is the artichoke I picked up to cook and try along side our pasta dish. Not my favorite (and turns out Levi doesn't like them either, oops). but it was fun to pull of the leaves and dip them, we uses a balsamic vinegar/mayo mix for the dip. 
 Gage liked them, but prefers the artichoke heart. 
 Surprisingly Trevin loved them...or maybe he just liked that he only had to eat a very little bit then throw the rest away and pick off another. 

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