Thursday, February 9, 2012


This week we were at Grandma's house with some of the other cousins. One of which is a boy and has just recently been potty trained. His parents were ready to make the switch to standing up to go potty but his mom had no way to show him. So she had Trevin go into the bathroom and show him. She called it "shooting' bullets. Trevin was more than willing to teach his cousin this "awsome and fun thing." Well they head into the bathroom and Trevin can't make it work (he had just gone to the bathroom). But the concept was still there and his cousin's worked and everyone was excited. Until his sister wanted to try it too, she was also recently potty trained, then there was some major disappointment that she had to always potty sitting down, "gun envy" is what her mom called it. Well Cheyenne was there to console her, she recently made this discovery herself....
One day I walked up stairs to see Chey with her pants around her ankles standing on the stool facing the toilet, she had a terrified look on her face (one I've seen many times, it's the one that says I've held it for too long and if I move now I'm gunna potty my pants). So I run in and turn her around and say "Ok, Go for it." She sticks her bum out toward the toilet, but doesn't sit down, and lets it all loose. I couldn't figure out what she was doing!  I asked "Why didn't you just sit down?" She looked at me and said "I wanted to go standing up like the boys and now it's a big mess!" I laughed for a second then we cleaned up and had a quick anatomy lesson. Since then she hasn't had any issues with sitting to go potty and can sympathize with all the rest of the "Gun envy" girls out there. 

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