Friday, October 29, 2010

A fridge worthy picture

This picture has been on my fridge for about a month and I decided today to share it with you. Over the summer we started rock climbing and as you all know Trevin loved it. He loved to watch, but most of all he loved when dad made him a harness and he got to climb himself. So one day I got him out some paper and pen to color and this is what he made. (FYI this is the first picture he has ever drawn that was more than just scribbles.)
When he finished he told me to look, so I did and I asked what he drew.
Trevin: "I made a rock climbing!"
Mom: "Wow!, that is rock climbing" Then I asked him what the lines down the middle were.
Trevin: "Those are a ropes for climbing."
Mom: "What about the big circles?"
Trevin: "That a huge rock!"
Mom: "What about the stuff at the bottom? Are those more rocks?"
Trevin: "No dose are my friends. Ats Dad, and Mom, and Bubba, and Alex, and Cheyenne."
Pretty good huh!


sierra said...

soooo cute. but i'm sure i already told you that :)

Kirsten said...

He's such a good kid! You are very lucky and I think it's great that you save them and put them on here so that you'll have them forever! :)