Thursday, October 28, 2010


This week we got to celebrate Gage's birthday. I love Gage's birthday, because I get to spoil him for the wonderful man that he is and he doesn't put up at fight. We all got up early and ate breakfast together, nothing fancy, just cereal. This was unusual because we are usually still asleep in bed when Dad leaves for work. Later that day we took Gage lunch at work, which Trevin and Chey always love to do. They think it is fun to see their dad in the middle of the day. We had yummy turkey sandwiches at Gage's request, and POP. When Gage got home from work we ate Chicken Cordon Bleu and mashed potatoes, It turned out yummy, even the kids ate it with out too much of a fuss. Next the part Trevin had been waiting for, "wishing candles and presents!" I make Gage a pie every year for his birthday (he LOVES pie). I try to make a different kind each year, I know I'll run out soon, but so far I've only had to make 4 so I can still surprise him. This year Banana Cream with a vanilla wafer crust. Yum.
Gage is now one year older, but still young... If you can count how many candles are on that pie then you'll know how old he is, but my lips are sealed. Trevin and Cheyenne were super excited about dad opening presents. They helped me wrap them, so they knew what was inside and did a good job keeping MOST of them a secret. This was the hit of the night... How to Train you Dragon!
Cheyenne saw it and yelled "Wow a Dragon!" and Trevin immediately went to setting up the DVD player so we could watch it... and we did!

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joni said...

Happy Birthday Gage!! Looks like you had lots of fun! :)