Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hip Hip... HOORAY!! Trevin is potty trained!After multiple failed attempt, mostly because of me giving up... Trevin is finally potty trained. We couldn't be more proud of our little man. He takes himself to the bathroom and doesn't need any reminders, it is awesome. We had lots of gimmicks that we tried... Here's what worked for Trevin. A potty chart to color after each time he went!
He got to use a dry erase marker and color ONE square if he pottied in the toilet and TWO squares if he pooped in the toilet. This was lots of fun and Trevin definately looked forward to this. (On the flip side an accident meant erasing a square or two.) Once he had the chart all the way colored in he got a reward, a matchbox car tractor! The tractor's sat on the back of the toilet to be his reminder/motivator.
He is so proud that we got to take down the chart, because Trevin is a big boy now!
He is even more proud of these... HIS BIG BOY UNDERWEAR!!! We tried to potty train in pull-ups and it didn't work, he wet them... I had no idea... no training happened. So when we decided it was finally time, he went straight to big boy pants (more work for me, but definitely more effective). He loves to pick out what underwear to wear each day.
I can't believe how independent he has gotten. He loves to get himself ready for bed and get dressed in the morning. He loves to make his bed and throw his dishes in the sink. Trevin has a couple of regular chores around the house, once a week he empties the bathroom garbages and wants to do it all himself. His newest chore... starting the dishwasher.
A couple weeks ago he told me "I started the dishwasher, Mom."
I told him, "Ok, but we need to put soap in it."
He said, "I did put soap in it."
I said, "What did you use can you show me?"
He took me to the cupboard under the sink and pulled out the soap, and told me "and I closed a little door."
Sure enough, he had gotten out the soap, opened it, poured it in the little compartment in the dishwasher, closed it's little door, shut the dishwasher and then started it! I was shocked, but now he gets to do this a lot.
Some other things Trevin does is put on his shoes, pump his legs on the swing, reenact cartoon episodes, set up the TV to watch a DVD, and his favorite thing right now is to do "tricks" on his bike! We love you Trevin!


joni said...

Yay Trevin! Yay for big boy underwear! Good job!!

sierra said...

woo hoo! t-rev is the bomb :) i love these pictures. he looks so grown up and handsome! i'm a proud aunt! way to go trevin-

Kenzie said...

That is soo good! I hope the potty chart helps us! :) Thank you so much for making for me!