Monday, October 11, 2010

Homemade Bread

In May I decided I would try to make bread. I spent the afternoon working on it, following the instructions exactly. Needless to say, when it didn't turn out at all I was very disappointed. Gage told me that we needed to take pictures of my first attempt and I was so opposed, I though there is no way I'm ever showing off this failed attempt...why take pictures? But we did. And we ate most of it as hard and crumbly as it was. Gage even said it wasn't that bad, I agreed to disagree on that topic. So now that I can look back and laugh at it here is the picture that Gage took.After thinking about my failed attempt for the last few months I decided to ask Gage for a favor. I asked him to think of someone's bread that he has had in the past and give me a name. That way I could track down their recipe. (Yep I decided the first one wasn't my fault at all... I just had a faulty recipe! HA HA probably not, but it's a nice thought.) It took him about 5 seconds to make a decision, Alice's Bread. One of his best friends mom. Once I tracked it down I got to work. This time with much better results!
It was really yummy and soft. Maybe next time I'll be able to make the loaf a little prettier, but for now I'm thrilled.

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CCC said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I've never attempted white bread. Way to go! I'm glad you took the first picture. You inspire us all. (P.S. - Alice's bread was a good choice to try.)