Friday, October 15, 2010

Cheyenne's Hair

Fixing Cheyenne's hair is usually a challenge for me. I pull one way and she pulls the other! I have a sister with 4 girls, and she always has all her girls hair fixed perfect and is really creative. I've tried to step up my game lately... Cheyenne has even been a sport and doesn't put up a fight if I let her watch "Mitty mouse cubhouse."
On Monday, Lindsay and I made a bunch of fabric flowers to put in the girl's hair. So my challenge to myself this week has been to do fun hair do's and include accessories. I love Chey in this picture! She is definitely not my baby girl anymore... that is the face of a toddler!
Close ups of her hair, this part is easy, Cheyenne loves having her picture taken. So if I tell her we will take pictures after her hair is done, then she is thrilled.
This is what we did today... I think I started her hair about 4 different ways, but this is what we came up with. I need her hair to be just a little longer to make her "UP" do's easier.
She loves "cippie" also known as hair clips and is excited when I let her pick which one she gets to wear. But more than clips, Chey LOVES shoes! This is probably an understatement... She steals shoes that get left by the front door(visitors shoes) and I am constantly picking up shoes that she has pulled out of our closest. She loves adult shoes the most because they are easy to put on by herself. I love to see how proud she is to walk around in her Dad's shoes.

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Kenzie said...

I love the hair do's! I tried to copy one today.. haha next time I work with you.. you will need to explain how to do it right!