Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Decorations

We love Halloween at our house. I enjoy the dressing up part and Gage enjoys the spider webs. Every year when October hits Gage asks "Can we get some of those white spider webs?" I'm pretty sure that if we didn't put them up in the house then it wouldn't really be Halloween in his eyes. This year they have taken over the railings in our house, the kids love them too. I decided to jump on the band wagon and embrace it. So after reading my SIL's blog and seeing all of their homemade Halloween decorations we decided to make some too. This is our little family of pipe cleaner spiders. From the Bottom left, is Dad, then Trevin, next is Cheyenne and up at the top is Mom. My kids will (yes both of them) will tell you who each of them are if you happen to come over. This is an idea stolen straight from Joni... Flying bats. I had a couple of Lindsay's girls over, and they had lots of fun helping. I cut all the bats out and Trevin and the girls helped me glue them together and hang them.
They thought it was lots of fun to watch them fly when a breeze hit. Now we feel festive enough for Halloween to come, the only thing that we missed out on this year was "Booing" our neighbors. I usually start one of these every year, but our neighborhood doesn't really get into it so I passed on doing it this year, but next year will be different!

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joni said...

Super cute!! Love the spiders on the stairs!