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We finally made it on the trip we've been wanting to take for just over a year! Last year we wanted to take Trevin to San Diego Zoo, he loves animals! It just never worked out and so this year we fit it into our schedule before the official start of the summer. We decided to drive, that way we could spend some quality time together. (okay not really, it was cheaper than flying, but the quality time was a bonus!) The kids did great. They slept for parts, ate snacks, colored on doodle pads and watched NEMO about 10 times. No joke there. I packed 7 movies for them to pick from and all they wanted to watch was Nemo over and over and over.
I think that would have driven me nuts but Gage and I downloaded a book to listen to on the drive down. Hunger Games. It was great and something we were both able to enjoy. Another plus about driving. We got to stay at Kami's house. Trevin had been looking forward to seeing Chase all week. When we got there Trevin was so excited. These two boys are so cute together. They played with sword (that were made out of swimming noodles, so cute!), then they played at the park, blew bubbles, kicked a ball back and forth, the came home to eat ice cream.
After Ice cream they got ready for bed and Trevin got to sleep in Chase's room and watch Cars. The next morning they played and played some more.
Kami and Erwin made us the best food while we were there. Fried rice for dinner and then they even let us have it with our pancakes for breakfast! YUMMY! The left overs they sent with us just got better every time we ate them!
After breakfast it was time to say goodbye. Thanks to Kami and Erwin for letting us come and stay with you! We had so much fun and can't wait to see you and the kids again!
After a few more hours in the car we arrived at SEAWORLD!
We got to spend two days at Sea World which was so great. No stress about having to hurry the kids around to try to see everything. We got to take our time and even see our favorite things TWICE! Our first stop was the Arctic section. Trevin loved to sit and watch the show about flying in the helicopter (even with out all the special effects). Then we got to get out and explore the "Arctic Base" He loved this helicopter and trying to climb onto the crates. We all went through together the first time. Then we let Dad go for the helicopter ride that actually moves and got to do some exploring while we waited for him to land.
Once we met back up with Dad we were off to see some wild life. These two Beluga whales names are Ruby and Anuk. We got to see them do some fun stuff with their trainers the first day and the second day we watched them swim.
Trevin and Cheyenne could have sat for hours watching the animals swim. Cheyenne would smile and point whenever they would swim past and Trevin would tell us they were swimming "Super Fast!"
The Walrus was a much bigger hit than I anticipated. They were much more entertaining the way they made laps around the tank. rubbing up against the glass right in front of us.
We watched them for a little while above the water level, Cheyenne loved to point at them as they did their laps. Trevin made sure Dad and I could see them under the water level too. The second time we saw the walruses we got to see them eat.
The polar bear wasn't very active. We did see them walk both times we saw them, which I guess is better than just sleeping. Our favorite thing at the polar bears was their cave. We got to crawl through it and see their big Paw prints. There were growling noises in the cave that kind of scared Cheyenne, but she was still willing to crawl in after her Dad and Brother. Trevin ended up loving these things by the end of the trip. He would see them and immediately run behind them and ask Dad to pick him up to put his face through the hole.
It was really fun to take Trevin and Chey through the penguin exhibit. Trevin liked to watch them swim and Chey tried to waddle in Dad's arms.
The thing I remember most about the last time I went to SeaWorld was getting to hold starfish, and I wouldn't wait to do it again. Trevin thougth it was really cool too. He was a little nervous the first time I picked one up but then thought they were really cool. After that he kept saying "Tevin Gage Cabtree playin with starfish in a waer"
Dad did a great job helping Cheyenne touch startfish too. She is at that age where if she wants something she says "Me Me Me Me" We heard this a lot while we played with the starfish. After playing in the tide pools for a while we found the Bat Rays that you could sitck your arm in and touch. I thought this was pretty cool too. They felt like they had a layeyer of goo on them and under that layer they were really hard. Trevin and Gage did this for a while but Chey wanted nothing to do with it. The next day at sea world I realized she was the only sane one!We went under the bat ray exhibit the next day to see what was at the bottom. This is what we found! GIANT EELS! I think these things could have swallowed one of us whole if they wanted to. You won't find me reaching into the bat ray tub again. Clyde and Seamore are always a hit at Seaworld and they didn't disappoint. Trevin and Cheyenne were even entertained by it. I love that the show is updated frequently. This time we got to see some American Idol, Survivor and even some dancing with the stars. But you can always count on the classic tricks too. Just outside the sealion show we got to sit and watch people feed the other Sea Lions. They are a lot more aggressive about the food than I thougth they would be. Especially since people feed them all day long. But it was entertainnig to listen to them "bark" and see Cheyenne figure out that these are just like the seals we show her in her book. Then she claps her hands and barks back at them.For Christmas Janae got a turtle that she named Crush after the Sea turtle in Finding Nemo. Seeing that the kids watched Nemo all the way to California, Cheyenne was very excited to see the Sea Turtles at SeaWorld and Trevin was excited that he found Crush. We had a lot of fun watching the dolphins play with balls. They never got close enough for us to touch, but we still had fun watching them throw the balls then swim to get them. The kids had been so good walking around the park and sitting watching the shows that we decided it was time to let them run around. So we went to the Seasame Bay of Play. Trevin loved getting to crawl up the nets and through tubes with Dad. Cheyenne and I tried to keep up, but Trevin could run through the tubes a lot faster than Chey could crawl. (Her and I always ended up with a line of kids behind us in the tube.) Trevin found a big twisty slide that we convinced the worker he was tall enough to go down. He did it 3 or 4 times in a row. Even though he had to climb up 2 sets of stairs to get back to the top. One of Chey's favorite things was bouncing. They had these platforms with a big plastice sheet in front of you and behind you, that you fell forward into and bounced back and forth. She loved them. There is a pic of Gage and Trevin playing in one (bottom left).The other fun part about the Sesame Area, was the little kid rides. Trevin was big enough to go on all of them and he did, TWICE! Cheyenne on the other hand... we convinced the workers that she was big enough to go on 2 of them. You see there criteria is that the kids have to be able to walk. Cheyenne doesn't walk yet, but we tried to prove otherwise, and IT WORKED! She loved both of the rides she was able to go on. After we let the kids play for a while, we told them it was Dad's turn to ride a big ride. So we went over to Atlantis, where Gage rode a couple of times, trying to get as wet as possible. Trevin was more successful at getting wet, just by standing in the splash zone at the bottom of the hill, while he watched for Dad. Gage convinced me to go one it, and guess what happened... the ride broke and I ended up sitting in the ride for 15-20 minutes before they fixed the "technical difficulties". Just what you want to here before you let a ride take up up an elevator to plumet down a big hill!

Last but not least we saw SHAMU! At the end of day one at Seaworld we decide to go see the Shamu show. But more importantly to get there early enough to get good seats. This we did! We sat front and center, literally. No one in front of us except the trainer. The poor guy that was leading people to seats, the one that makes sure no one goes into the roped off areas, etc. Kept looking at us with our 2 year old and 1 year old and asking "Are you sure you want to sit there?" I kept saying yes over Gage's hesitations and that is exactly where we sat. Trevin and Cheyenne loved it. Trevin saw the big whale up close and Cheyenne slept through the entire thing. That's right. She lasted until about 5 minutes before the show then she was out, even through the part when Shamu splashed us with that freezing cold water!We went and saw Shamu again on day two. Trevin was excited and so was Cheyenne. We sat a little higher up and not in the middle, but yes, we were still in the Soak zone. They brought out all 4 of the Killer whales for this one and had them do a lot more tricks. They even had them do synchronized back flips (all 4 at the same time). It was such a blast!

Trevin thought it was pretty cool to go to the bottom of the stairs and watch Shamu swim in the tank after the show. He would point at him and say "A look mom, ats a big whale!" We loved SeaWorld. Next up the San Diego ZOO!

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How cute! That looks like it was a way fun trip! Your kids are getting so big! We really all need to get together sometime soon!