Thursday, May 27, 2010

A fun find... LOOZYLOU

I love to find new fun blogs... Blog hopping this morning this is what I found. loozylou I know even the name is cute!She is a crafter, that just started a blog for homemade jewelry, hair clips(moms and girls), and soon to be t-shirts. I love the earrings and rings she makes and can't wait to get myself a pair or two! The best part... cheap prices. I'm all about trying to make my own things, but with her prices I'd rather not hassle with screwing up 6-10 pairs before I get one I like as much as hers. Check it out! Right now she is doing a GRAND OPENING GIVEAWAY!
For a pair of these...
In any color. Which is awesome, because everyone has different style, right! I was so excited to find her and I hope your excited too. I love to pass on a good deal when I find one!

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