Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This morning, at 6:30 sharp, we woke up to a very loud thunder storm. I thought it would scare Trevin, but not at all! Trevin, Cheyenne and I sat by the window in his room for a good 30 minutes watching the lightning and listening to the thunder. Trevin would get so excited when he saw the lightning and because he was excited Cheyenne would get excited too! It was pretty cute, and made waking up that early not so bad. I hope you enjoyed the storm as much as we did this morning.


Jennica said...

I actually slept very nicely through it and didn't know we had a storm storm till later tonight, I thought it had just sprinkled by the wetness of the ground :)

sierra said...

i sure loved it. i was at work, working with little light (to let my patient sleep), and i was all alone and all of a sudden mother nature decides to send a big scary storm! i was creeping myself out but i didn't get to open a window and watch her performance :) thunder and lightning must be her specialty. haha i'm so glad i lived to tell the tale of the night of the ominous storm!i'm just glad it didn't wake up my patient!! you're kids are so cute. i'm surprised they liked it so much! i guess they're tougher than we thought :)