Monday, May 10, 2010


Thankfully my camera made it through our vacation but, I guess the 500 pictures in 4 days did it in. It has officially kicked the bucket!
It's too bad, I did a couple of fun projects for mothers day that I wanted to post on here with step by step instructions. Oh well, they were a lot of fun and super easy.
I made washer necklaces for my mom and sisters. I got to learn how to do these and teach my Young Women and their mom's. After I saw how cute all the different patterns turned out I decided to make them for Mother's day. Sorry, this picture is awful (from my phone). I'll have Gage take a picture with his when he gets home.
Here is the after picture of the garden hose wreath I made for my mother in law, thanks to Eva who took a picture of on her phone.
I was really excited about the way it turned out. I saw this idea in a picture that was on my MIL's counter about 2 years ago. It never materialized and I decided that this year this is what she would get for Mother's Day. Too bad she was really productive this week and made herself one too!


Curt, Kirsten and Kids said...

Yea!!! Now not only can I talk to you in person I can read all about you too. I love that wreath...too bad she made one, too. Oh was a good try. :) Love the vaca pictures too! Too Cute!

Kenzie said...

I love the necklace. I need to learn to be more crafty!!