Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In addition to Seaworld we also got to spend two days at the World Famous San Diego Zoo. This is the real reason we went to California, I'll let the pictures tell most of our story. It should be pretty easy since I took about 500 of them.
The Zoo entrance... We are all pretty excited to see the animals.
The first big animal we spotted was the tiger. He walked back and forth along the glass right in front of Trevin and Chey.The hippos were surprisingly really fun to watch! They swam around and made really good time, considering how big they are. We even got to see them walk out of the water and yawn really wide!Trevin loved the statues you could play on. Here is the hippo, keep watching for other statues he found at the zoo. He loves his big brother role and always wants to help Cheyenne. He even taught her all of the animal sounds while we were at the zoo.The panda bears were pretty lame on the first day we saw them... all sleeping! But day two was much better. We even got a better look at the baby panda.The gorillas were at the top of the "Must See" list. We watched them more than once and got a great show both times. We saw two gorillas wrestle like brothers. We saw 5 gorillas all at the same time and even saw them all get into a fight (kinda, it may have just been playing) lets just say I'm glad I was on this side of the glass. Trevin found some more statues to play on. He watched the gorillas while he sat on one! He was also entertained when I showed him how big gorilla hands and feet are.The Orangatans were up next. I wonder if he can really see past the folds of skin on his face. Trevin found another character you could stick your face in, if you look close you'll see that he is sticking his bottom lip out like the orangatan. (I was surprised. He figured this out all by himself! Little kids are so observant).The petting zoo was a big hit with the kids. They got to pet goat and sheep.Look at that another statue to ride, Dad joined in the fun this time.Trevin loved this part, (my least favorite) BUGS! He even found some bumble bees in here. The worker kept trying to convince Trevin they were "Honey Bees" but Trevin would buy it. He knows a Bumble Bee when he sees one!The safari animals were next on the list. Cheyenne now knows what a giraffe says thanks to Trevin. (they stick out their tongue and smack their lips, if you were wondering)We stopped and played at the prehistoric stuff for a while. Because these were way cooler than any other statues we found! Trevin tried to roar as big as an American Lion could. We played on the life size statues and tried to identify bones. Me and Trevin even teamed up with a saber tooth Jaguar to scare Cheyenne.I thought this elephant was awesome, I don't remember what it's name was, but it is bigger than a Mammoth. Then we stopped by to see the real elephants that looked teeny tiny compared to all the other animals we just saw. We saw lots and lots of animals... here are some of them...
But our very very favorite (besides the gorillas) was the zoo's POLAR BEAR! They had this big exhibit where you could play in the pretend ice with seals and weigh yourself to see your weight compared to polar bears at different ages. This polar bear was a lot more active than the one at seaworld. He jumped in and out of the water. Played with bags and balls and did quite a bit of swimming.
On our final day at the zoo Gage helped Trevin squish some pennies, so he had something to bring home. They made one that had Gorillas on it and one that had a Tiger. If you think that a full day of activities would wear Trevin out. Think Again! He was so excited to come back to the hotel and play in the outdoor pool. Even though it was FREEZING!In case you're wondering we did make it to the beach. Trevin and I raced the waves and won most of the time.Then we went for a walk on the pier.

I loved staying in Oceanside, I just hope the next time we come it will be a little warmer so we can actually get in the ocean without risking hypothermia. Maybe I'll just have to convince Gage to take us again in a few years!

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Kenzie said...

I love all your pictures from the Zoo! It makes me want to take Brookie.. even though the Hogle Zoo has nothing on the San Diego Zoo. :)